Top 12 Creative Patio Floor Ideas to Style Your Home’s Outdoor

What does your backyard look like? Is it good-looking enough to attract visitors and pavers, or have you still got a dull, concrete outdoor patio? If yes, then your outdoor glow-up is totally overdue!

And the smartest way to glam up your outdoor is flooring up your patio. Once you are done with patio flooring, it becomes easier to decide the rest of the decorating elements. Your patio should be functional and resistant enough to save your home’s roof from deteriorating over time. And in the meantime, it should be appealing as well. So, if you are looking to renovate your home outdoor with extended patio ideas, read this article.

The Top 12 Super Creative Patio Floor Ideas to Style Your Home’s Outdoor TODAY!


If you have a concrete and bland-looking patio outdoor, then you are in for a big-big surprise in our list of creative patio floor ideas. Not only will these deigning ideas transform the entire outlook of your home’s outdoor, but they will also bring a warm and welcoming sight for your visitors. For professional concrete resurfacing, visit

Worried about where to start from? Well, don’t worry! You don’t have to do a whole makeover of your courtyard. All you need is a good collection of creative outdoor flooring ideas to draw inspiration from. From wood flooring, stylish tiles, or perhaps a fresh coat of paint, you may choose any backyard low budget pavers ideas that will glam up your home outdoor.

Without further ado, allow us to begin with the list!

1- Brick Paver Patio Flooring Ideas:


Looking for backyard patio ideas, this one will work for you. Also, one of the most popular patio flooring solutions is brick pavers or block pavers. The hard-standing floors created by them look quite interesting since they can be found in different colors and random patterns.

A patio with a fire pit and cozy seating arrangements is the perfect place for this kind of flooring. Bright side, installing this setup is quite easy and can be done as an easy DIY project to glam up your yard. With the sand set method, you can install bricks on the patio. Ground preparation starts with compacted gravel, followed by landscape fabric and smooth sand.

A foundation is then built by laying bricks on the ground. As a final step, sand must be swept into the cracks between the pavers in order to keep them in place. This was a DIY method. You can also hire a professional for that.

2- Painted Patio Floor Tiles Ideas:


You can go completely different with patio floor tiles ideas – geometric tiles.
And, the combination of white and dark blue can never go wrong. Also, there is something very beautiful about this geometric tile floor. There are only three colors in the design, mainly white, but the combination of lighter and darker blue sections gives dimension and life to your backyard.

3- Pallet Wood Patio Floor Ideas:


Patio flooring made of pallet wood is ideal since it is quite accessible, dimensional and occupies a larger area at once. You will observe that the layout of the wood pallets is created in a great mosaic-like pattern, which is a perfect complement to the rug-covered seating area.

4- Interlocking Concrete Pavers or Stamped Concrete Patio Floor Idea:

Stamped Concrete Patio Floor

Pavers made of cement or concrete usually mimic the appearance of cobblestone patios. The pavers are interlocking because they are connected by sand. They look like puzzle pieces when fitted together. You don’t have to get grout or mortar to adjust them.

If you are worried that such flooring would not provide enough brightness to an outdoor space, then don’t be. Pavers are no longer only available in grey or off-pink colors. Many types of pavers are available today in different sizes, colors, and textures. They give the appearance of cut stone, brick, or cobblestones.

And, in case you want a highly customized patio floor, you go for stamped concrete instead of pavers where poured concrete is tinted. Later on, you can customize the texture and design of your choice.

5- Brick Pavers And Large Stepping-Stones Patio Flooring Ideas:


Even the simplest of flooring ideas can come out beautiful and mesmerizing. The large stepping stones in irregular patterns can be a beautiful representation of your home outdoor. A dark brick edge surrounds the patio floor in this design, while an irregularly shaped mosaic is created within it with just one color stepping stone.

6- Slate Pavers Patio Floor Ideas:


As it’s beautiful, strong, and durable, natural slate is a great option for outdoor patio flooring. You need little to no effort to carry this patio flooring throughout the year as the slate paving is low-maintenance. Plus, the low water absorption protects it against frost damage. Furthermore, installing a slate floor on concrete or plywood is sufficient as long as it is a durable surface. Also, it’s crucial to seal the plywood.

Before applying the grout, you must do this; otherwise, it will penetrate the unsealed tiles and stain them. Give the slate greater resistance to moisture by sealing it with a silicone-based sealer.

Slate pavers add an elegant touch to your outdoors because of how shiny and smooth they appear. This makes us highly recommend this patio floor idea for your courtyard.

7- Circle Brick Paver Patio Floor Ideas:

Circle Brick Paver Patio

Want something elegant to improvise the overall outlook of your outdoors? Well, a circular paver can do the trick for you! An arc of large, evenly spaced dark brick pavers converges into a small pit filled with pebbles in the centre of the patio, giving it a more rustic look.

You can do it yourself using any DIY tutorial or hire a professional. It won’t charge you much.

8- Flagstone Patio Flooring Idea:


Various colors and stones make flagstone a great choice for patios. There are typically large, flat slabs of stone 1 to 3 inches thick, and their irregular shapes and sizes make them easy to identify. All you have to do is pick one design of your choice and begin your DIY patio flooring project.

The brighter side is that they provide excellent traction, especially when wet, thanks to their slightly roughened surface. It is ideal to lay flagstones directly on soil or a bed of sand, with a thickness of 1 1/2 inches. Many types of flagstones are available, including quartzite, sandstone, limestone, and bluestone. Any of these would make an excellent patio for your home.

9- Simple Painted Cement Patio Floor Idea:


Just like we mentioned before, you don’t have to go above and beyond to carry out your patio flooring project. It can be as simple as painting your already concrete patio floor. You can turn the dull-looking and bland concrete floor with a white stencilled pattern that reflects an aesthetic look of a vintage mosaic model.

10- Fieldstone Patio Flooring Idea:


Fieldstone is another kind of rock widely used in patios and landscaping because of its natural appearance. Fieldstone and flagstone differ primarily because the former is quarried underground, while the latter is found over the surface of the earth. When designed well, a fieldstone patio can be a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family. A fieldstone patio can also enhance a home’s curb appeal.

11- Pea Gravel Patio Floor Ideas:


In the seating area of this patio design, the floor is covered with packed pea gravel, which is an ideal choice for spaces like on a beach or in a country house; it looks great with the grass that is seen on the rest of the patio. Overall, this patio floor gives a naturally green appearance to your patio. Nature lovers would give this patio flooring idea 10/10!

12- Wood Inspired Patio Floor Ideas:


This is one highly recommended deck floor covering idea for you – where you are supposed to use wood. Because when it comes to appearance and quality, wood is the best outdoor patio flooring material. Real wood patio flooring adds a rustic, stylish, and homey feel to your outdoor space. Also, it is a fact that wood is timeless. With their sleek, modern look, wood decking and patios are gorgeous. Even better, they can be tailored to fit almost any aesthetic.
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Wrapping It Up!

The patio is a pleasant and extended space of your outdoor that adds up to the natural aesthetics of your home. Leaving that space of your house ignored can backfire. Since your patio is a fun and relaxing spot of your house, you must keep cool patio ideas at your disposal to make this space both functional and stylish.

We hope you loved our effort to present you with some cool and creative simple paver patio ideas for upgrading your courtyard right away!

Do check our list for DIY patio ideas on a budget if you want to keep the spending cost strictly cheap.

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