Top Reasons For Pergola Installation In OKC

Your home and the surrounding can give you all the comfort you need if you put the right facilities in place. There are so many things one can do to their outdoor space to make it conducive and one of them is the installation of a pergola.

If you have always needed a great experience and privacy while in your garden, barbecue space, or seating area without blocking out the sunlight or breeze, then you should think about installing a pergola. A pergola is an outdoor structure that is made up of posts and columns.

These posts or columns are used to support the pergola open roof of rafters and beams. The good thing about pergola installation is that it can help you make outdoor living space feel like an extension of an indoor room. This will give you ultimate thrills of enjoying outdoors with the joy of being indoors.

Are you ready to add a building to your outdoor space where you can relax better with your friends and family or you just want to understand the need for pergola installation in OKC or its environs? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page. You would be furnished with the right information on the reasons, what you need to consider and how to choose the best installers for your pergola.

Reasons To Use a Pergola

Reasons To Use a Pergola

Here are some major reasons:


The main reason why you should have a pergola is the need to keep prying eyes away from space. If you want to have private time in your garden or swimming pool, you might not get this in an open space. However, with a pergola, you can easily have your privacy while enjoying, cool and natural breeze.

Affordable Covering

If you have a patio or an open space outdoor, you might need more coverage to shade it from rain or other elements that might destroy it easily. You don’t need to break the bank to have this done as installing a pergola doesn’t cost much. So go for it at a lesser cost than using other available options.

Extra Space

You can create an extra space outdoor for your comfort. If your living area is small then it will be ideal to create an outdoor room. You will find that achieving this is very easy with a pergola as it will be used to add structure to your outdoor area. This simply means that you would have more usable space with this outdoor structure. There will be a covered space that you can use as a room for a lot of other things you couldn’t do indoors.


You can use the design of your pergola to make your outdoor space look beautiful. You can elevate your garden design and also make your swimming pool area attractive. You just need to install items like string lights, a chandelier, or even a fire pit with this outdoor structure and you would have the whole space appealing to the eyes.

Weather Control

Spending time outdoor is almost like a normal practice for most people but one major restraint is always the weather condition of the season. Sometimes the temperature might be cold or hot and this might make spending time outdoor a bit stressful.

However, installing a pergola with some accessories like electric heaters or fans will bring the comfort you want while outdoors. You would be able to use the appropriate one for the weather at that time. This simply means that you can still have your “me time” with this outdoor structure whether in winter or summer.

Top Things to Consider When Getting a Pergola

Top Things to Consider When Getting a Pergola

The following are some important considerations:


You need to know the durable materials that are environmentally friendly. Pergola comes in different kinds of woods so you need to consider your region’s temperature, the insects around the environment, and humidity. It will be better you go for woods that will not rot easily and are also insect resistant. Bottom-line; just go for materials that will make your structure more stylish and inviting.

Check-Up with the Local Utilities

You would need to be careful with the gas and electric lines in your space or home to prevent any kind of accident from occurring. The best bet is to contact your local utilities to come to mark any electric lines in your space to avoid your installers running into these lines or destroying them in the process.

It will be very dangerous if such happens, so it is always recommended that you reach out to your local utilities to have a check before contacting pergola installers.

The Frost Depth

The installer will need to install the structure below the freezing level. If it is above or within the frost level, the thawing that takes place during the cold months will lift the beams. This will then bring them off the holes and your structure will fall. So, you need to consider this and contact your area local building authority to know your space’s frost depth before calling an installer.

Permits Needed

This is another thing you need to consider when thinking of installing a pergola. First, you need to verify from your local building authority if you need a permit for a project like a pergola building. Secondly, you should decide whether you would need electricity with it or not.

If you are going to use accessories like an electric fan, heater, or lights you would need a permit from your local utilities. So find out about these permits and their costs before going for this outdoor structure.

Steps to Finding a Dependable Pergola Installer

The following steps will come in handy:


You need to go for an installer with a good knowledge of pergola installation. The essence of going for an experienced installer is to prevent any form of accident as a result of the collapse of our outdoor structure.

You need experienced hands that will give you a solid and durable construction that will stand the test of time. Preferably, go for a professional that is skilled with deck construction since pergolas are an attachment to decking.


Don’t fall for cheap labor that will eventually turn out to ruin your project. Be sure that the cost of installation is within your budget and the company can deliver an excellent service. Bottom-line; go for a company that will deliver your project in style and also within your budget.


Be very mindful of the materials that will be used for your work. You need to go for professionals that use high-tech materials. You need a pergola with classic looks and long-lasting materials so go for a company that is known to use good quality materials.

To choose the right materials, you can read more about pergolas here.


Having a well-constructed outdoor structure in your space will add value and beauty to your home. Pergola is needed in your environment for various reasons but the good thing is that you would be transforming your yard into a living space that you would cherish.

We have discussed some reasons why you may consider the installation of this structure as well as some tips to guide you in finding the right company.

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