8 Pest Control Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Common Pest Control Mistakes

Every house is bound to become infested with pests at some point, regardless of your efforts to keep them out. Most people simply hire a pest control service and are done with it. However, sometimes the situation is not so serious as to require professional service. It’s just one cockroach or mouse that took abode in your house and you were lucky enough to notice it before it started reproducing. Such cases, people like to handle themselves. But there are some mistakes they make that renders their effort useless. Avoid the following mistakes the next time you grab a can of bug spray to eliminate pests.

Choosing the Wrong Pesticide

Bug spray is not all-purpose. You can’t use it on every kind of pest invading your home. There are various kinds of pesticides available on the market, specialized for different pests. Choose the appropriate one for the pests in your home. Identifying which pest is in your home comes prior to that. What you think is rodents might be possums. Ants and spiders require different poisons to kill them.

Ignoring the Root Cause of the Problem

Simply killing the cockroach you see is not effective. Sure, it might be your first instinct but it is useless in the long run. If you want your home to be free of pests permanently, you need to take care of the root cause of the problem. Look around your house. Are there holes, rotting wood or standing water? These might be inviting pests into your house. Eliminating the root cause is the quickest way of getting pests removed from your home.

Not Following the Instructions

It is essential to follow the instructions if you want pesticides to be effective. Especially because they are poisonous. Most people merely read what’s written on the package before using pesticides. However, that information although, correct is very compact. It doesn’t provide in-depth pros and cons. Make sure to learn more about the right way to use certain pesticides through online sources and the official website of the company.

Using the Wrong Bait

No, sugar doesn’t serve as a bait for all pests. If you’re trying to gather the pests in your house at one place before killing them entirely, use an appropriate bait. Dead insects might attract rodents and spiders but for ants and roaches, food crumbs are best. You can try lacing the bait with poison so that every pest that eats it ends up dead.

Not Placing the Trap in the Right Location

Placing the trap or bait in the wrong location can cause you grave consequences. If you keep it lying in the open, your toddler or pet might discover it and decide to take a lick. It is important that you keep the family out when using pesticides. Moreover, pests usually move along the walls and corners. That’s why these locations are ideal for placing traps.

Using the Same Methods for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Indoor and outdoor pests vary differently from each other. Using the same methods for eliminating them wouldn’t amount to many results. Take proper precautions before using pesticides inside and outside of your house. Alert your neighbours when using herbicides or pesticides in the garden. Keep the windows closed to not let any spray inside the house. Consider the weather as rain can dilute the chemical and render it useless.

After using pesticides indoors, make sure to air out the room and wipe everything clean. Touching surfaces with pesticide on them can lead to poisoning.

Not taking Proper Care of Pets

Pets are one of the major reasons for pest invasion into the house. Fleas and ticks in your pets can travel through surfaces and spread around your whole house. They can infest your clothes, sofas, bedding, and pillows. They can live for a long time since they can survive on human blood too. Therefore, make certain that your pets are clean before letting them inside the house. Schedule appointments with your local vet regularly.

Underestimating the Role of Good Housekeeping

It’s no wonder that a neat and clean house is less likely to be infested. Invest some time in housekeeping no matter how busy you are. Wash clothes regularly and don’t let the laundry pile up. Keep the rooms clean, especially the kitchen. Wipe down drinks spills and pick up food crumbs immediately. Weed the garden periodically and don’t let the water stand. Involve the whole family in the process to keep your home clean at all times.

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