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With the passage of time the area of plumbing has evolved and seen new growth and potential. Using simple copper or steel tubing has shown a number concerns to be taken care of. Same was the case with PVC pipes. But the situation is under control now. The new name we are hearing in the field of plumbing is PEX plumbing. These are all new tubes that come with various advantages. PEX plumbing has taken over every other product used for plumbing. Crosslinked polyethylene or as we know it, PEX is the new thing in town. PEX tubing is mainly made from the high density polyethylene. PEX is being used in Europe since 1970; however the beginning of 1980s saw it grow in US as well. PEX pipes are highly flexible and these pipes are light in weight, thus making the handling of pipes easier. These pipes are easy to install as they require lesser number of fitting material. PEX tubes are rolled in spools thus you can use an entire roll without need to fix pipes together. A single spool has enough length of the pipe to full fill your requirement. Unlike copper pipes, PEX pipes do not corrode and no scale builds up, of course that makes the pipes look cleaner and it can be used over a long period of time without any worries. They are resistant to freeze breakages and the flow of water is also smooth. These pipes are also known for energy conservation as the heat is not transferred readily to the pipe, unlike copper pipes. PEX-AL-PEX is the PEX pipe that has aluminum filled in between two layers of PEX. This aluminum makes the pipes flexible, and helps preventing the oxygen from entering the pipe and thus the corrosion does not take place. PEX AL PEX are also easy to bend and use. PEX is certainly a breakthrough in the field of plumbing. For any other PEX info, news and other PEX supplies please visit their website.

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