Keeping Purifying Plants in a Bedroom

Houseplants are a great way to keep the air in your home clean and they can work wonders in the bedroom, in addition to bringing a space to life and making it look a whole lot nicer. By keeping certain air purifying plants in your bedroom, you can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.

Purifying plants for bedroom areas can help you if you are suffering from anxiety or stress – two things which studies have shown to negatively impact upon sleep – and these can disrupt sleep by making you feel anxious for the next coming day. Not only do some air purifying plants clean the air, but they provide excess oxygen for your bedroom which allows you to breathe easier and enjoy improved sleep quality.

There are plenty of different air purifying plants which you could use for your bedroom and you are sure to find one which fits in with its overall design. Here are three of our favorites

1.  Jasmine

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This beautiful white-flowering plant has a subtle, gentle, and soothing scent which relaxes both the mind and body. Jasmine is highly regarded as being a brilliant plant for air purifying purposes and has been the subject of many studies.

One of these studies found that jasmine massively helped in reducing anxiety and stress levels in patients, enabling them to benefit from longer and deeper sleep. There are lots of different jasmine plants which are available, including one known as blooming jasmine which only blooms during the night, making it a perfect accompaniment for the bedroom.

You can plant jasmine either outside or inside your bedroom window, depending on what your apartment allows for.

2.  Lavender

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Another popular plant known for its soothing properties is lavender – there is a reason that you can buy lots of lavender-scented bath and body products. It has a very pleasing scent and it helps to, again, calm the feelings of anxiety and stress in humans.

Lavender needs a lot of sun, so it is a good idea to place your lavender in your window if it gets a lot of sunlight. If you don’t have a sunny spot, why not place some lavender leaves in your pillowcase?

3.  Bamboo Palm

plants in a bedroomImage Source: Pixabay

Also known as reed palm, this is a very powerful cleanser of the air and also looks very pretty too! Bamboo palms are not only pretty, but they will fill your bedroom with fresh, pure air, and as an added bonus these plants are also very easy to look after.

They do not need direct sunlight and only require moist soil, so if you are looking for a relatively low-maintenance air purifying plant, then this is the right one for you. It will also give your bedroom a lovely tropical feel!

Air purifying plants are popular features in many bedrooms up and down the country. A purifying plant doesn’t just look pretty, but also helps to improve the quality of air in your bedroom, enabling you to get a much better quality of sleep.

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