Effective Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio for 2023

Do you want to make your patio more secluded and private? Use our complete resources of privacy screen ideas for patio for designs that are realistic, easy to develop and maneuver, and effective.

If the pandemic has affected your work-life balance for good, outdoor living is what you should be thinking about. You want continued foot traffic to remind yourself that it’s daytime.

After all, the hustle and bustle of colleagues is a past thing for you now. And indoors is not the area to give you that feeling that was associated with your open-plan office floor.

The only way you can escape the quietness of indoors – your room or your study – is by making your office outdoors.

Better yet, go for a patio that is private enough to obscure you from the public eye; yet, open enough to keep reminding you about the passage of time. It’s daytime and you have to work.

The patio is the most aesthetically pleasing and inviting space in the outdoor living.

Just not aesthetics, but you also get comfort and energy from this area. But you also want it somewhat secluded – because it’s office work we are talking about, right?

So here are privacy screen ideas for a patio that you will love to add to your makeshift patio office at home.


1. Just Plants

Just Plants
Source: thegardenglove.com

Pick the densest variety of horsetails and plant them on the boundary of the patio. These herbs don’t grow too high so don’t expect too much privacy. But if you plant them in elevated planters, you can expect a reasonable level of privacy.

2. Use a Taller Plant

Taller Plant - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio

Did you know that some plants are best at not only making your yard greener but also giving privacy to your living space? Homeowners not only use these plants as fences but also use them as a partition between different parts of their gardens.

English Laurel is a great example. If you want a taller plant to completely screen your patio, you should plant it at the boundaries.

3. Even Taller

Even Taller - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: tree.com

Do you want taller, natural Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio? Use juniper. It grows to reach up to 15 feet in height. Once mature, they will also bestow purple cones on you in winter.

4. Add to the Pergola

Add to the Pergola - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: flickr.com

You want to include the green element in your outdoor privacy screen ideas but you have already decided on a pergola. You can ease the plant into your already established opinion by growing chocolate vine – also known as five-leaf akebia – to your installed pergola.

5. Use a Trellis

Use a Trellis - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: sunset.com

Maybe a pergola is not your type of covering for a patio. How about trellis? Would you like it? Decorate it with vines.

6. The Focal Point

The Focal Point
Source: amazon.com

Green and natural privacy fences are especially beautiful when you deal with smaller patios and yards. If you don’t have lots of space in your front yard, you should try these plant-based fences to satiate the need for plants for the whole lawn.

Hicks Yew is a cool choice for those yards that will keep it as the only plant in them. It’s beautiful and low maintenance.

7. Bamboos are Evergreen

Bamboos are Evergreen - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: ny.curbed.com

Yes, bamboos are green when they are alive. You don’t have to compromise on golden brown bamboo that is sold as a fence in the market. Grow them in-house because they grow rapidly.

8. Corten Steel Planters

Corten Steel Planters - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: freshperspectivelandscapes.com.au

If you are using plants as your privacy screen for the patio, you can use corten steel to occupy more space and cover a larger area with the said plant.

9. Wine Barrels for Plants

Wine Barrels for Plants
Source: hgtv.com

You can also use wine barrels to plant these shields. They are beautiful and large. Their build makes them sturdy enough to hold tons of soil as well as plants in them.

10. Use a Planter with Trellis

Use a Planter with Trellis -
Use a Planter with Trellis

If growing plants is your way of fencing your patio, you may want to look at smaller plants. If that’s the case, use planters with trellis to increase the coverage area.

11. Rustic Garden Wall

Rustic Garden Wall -
Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

To give a wooden look to your fence, you don’t have to restrict yourself to using wooden fences.You can also paint ready-made privacy screens or louvers to appear rustic.

12. Make It Moveable

Moveable Privacy screen - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: giantex.com

All you have to do is not attach the privacy screen you built in the previous example with the walls or ceiling of the patio. Instead, make a DIY stand for it.

13. Just Lattice Screens

Just Lattice Screens - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: designingidea.com

These ready-made screens are good enough to give privacy to any room. Why not use them on your patio?

14. Don’t Forget Bamboo Screens

Bamboo Screens - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: aaronsoutdoor.com.au

We talked about living bamboo decorating your patio. But that may not be a possibility for you. You can still use bamboo to add beauty. Just use the privacy screen made of up them.

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15. Some More Lattice Screens

Some More Lattice Screens - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: designingidea.com

Did you like the idea of using a lattice screen? Add another twist of style and beauty by hanging planters on it.

16. Woven Wood

Woven Wood - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: james-chambers.co.uk

You can add more style to your wooden privacy screen by weaving the plants around the support. Keep it in a natural wood tone or paint it white to match the color theme of your exterior.

17. Bench with Privacy Screen

Bench with Privacy Screen - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: matchness.com

Don’t just build a privacy screen. Build a sitting area complete with a bench and accessories. get a bench built with a slat fence attached to it. Complete it with a wooden shade.

18. Privacy Screen for Sitting Area

Privacy Screen for Sitting Area - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: houzz.com

Or add a lounger instead of a bench and several colorful pops. Decorate it as a complete living room with space available for different leisurely activities.

19. Fence on a Half-wall

Fence on a Half-wall - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: redfin.com

You’ve already surrounded your patio with a half-wall but want more safety. Wood is a great option to add on top of a concrete wall.

This cool combination allows you to keep the patio semi-private while not compromising on beauty and style.

20. Try Retractable Privacy Screens

Retractable Privacy Screen - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: amazon.com

It is best for those homeowners who want to block the entry of foreign objects into the patio. These traditional bamboo screens are cheap ways to block neighbors’ views. And you can lift them when you want.

21. Red Wood Privacy Screen

Red Wood Privacy Screen - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: wayfair.com

Add more color and texture to your wooden privacy screen by choosing redwood to build it.

22. Modern Privacy Screen

Modern privacy Screen - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
source: runtedrun.com

Use carved wood to build a privacy screen. Better yet, take it one step ahead and build a screen as well as a pergola using the same carved wood.

23. Fence between Pillars

Fence between Pillars - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: Pinterest.com

Another idea to build a semi-private screen for your patio is to build a wooden fence between pillars. The idea will add the sturdiness involved while making sure that you get the most appealing look for your yard.

24. Ready-Made Privacy Screens

Ready-Made Privacy Screens - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: etsy.com

Use the readily available screens that can stand alone or in a group to cover an area. They are easy to maneuver. And don’t forget about the low costs involved.

25. Horizontal Cedar Fence

Horizontal Cedar Fence - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
source: straightlinefences.com

DIY this screen from horizontal cedar planks. And keep the stain natural and raw.

26. Mesh on Wooden Frame

Mesh on Wooden Frame - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: amazon.com

Mesh is another cool way to protect your space from the invasion of privacy. Stretch it on a wooden frame of the same or contrasting color.

27. Only Mesh

Only Mesh - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: sunguard.nz

You don’t want too much sunlight in your sitting area. I get it. Block the direct sunlight with mesh. Get the right color that matches your patio’s color scheme and enjoy the privacy.

28. Use Fabric

fabric to cover the outdoor space - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
source: thespruce.com

When it comes to manipulating light for a balanced lighting condition, a mesh is not the only solution. You may use fabric to cover the outdoor space and direct only as much light as is needed.

Use darker and heavier fabrics to filter out most light. Lighter material will allow more light into the patio.

29. Hang Ribbons

Hang Ribbons - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com

Random selection of different colors of ribbon will not only block the unwanted light but will also add energy to your workspace.

30. Use Macrame

Or Macrame - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
source: wescover.com

Macrame is the popular way to present a mix of traditional as well as modern décor. Luckily, there is no one destination of this beauty at your home. Instead, you can use it in multiple rooms and spaces.

And you can manipulate the design in various available options. So why not enjoy the versatility and style that comes from these hangings on your patio.

31. White Curtains

White Curtains - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: abeautifulmess.com

I agree that the idea is more suited to leisurely spaces like family areas or your bivvy than to workspaces. But it can work well if you are using the space for the two purposes alternatively.

32. Or a Screen Made of Tarpaulin

Screen Made of Tarpaulin - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: shadeformsails.com.au

What’s the best thing about this heavy-duty material – tarpaulin? It’s the ease it holds to be transformed into any kind of covering.

Use it to develop a canopy for the patio and screen yourself not just against excess sunlight but also rain.

33. The Denim Jeans Planters

Denim Jeans Planters - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: thewhoot.com

Even the sound of its name is intriguing, right? When applied, it looks pretty cool and unique.

You have to get some pairs of denim jeans, fill them with soil – of course after sewing the sleeves, and plant your favorite tall herbs to screen the sitting area.

They make the best choice for your balcony privacy screen.

34. Get Some More Plants

Get Some More Plants - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: nordarchitecture.com

This idea asks you to add some plants with planters to your ordinary wooden lattice screen.

35. Wired Fence

Wired Fence
Source: fencetrac.com

Again, you can choose to decorate the screen using the planters with lively, energetic plants. But the screen will be made from metal wires.

36. Living Wall

Living Wall - Privacy Screen Ideas for Patio
Source: meristemdesign.co.uk

Living walls are all the rage these days. Why not use this green idea to beautify your patio?

37. Natural Garden Wall

Natural Garden Wall
Source: keanelandscaping.com

Use plant shelves or ladders or hangers to build a vertical garden.

38. Repurposed Doors

Source: houselogic.com

Just stand old doors on sturdy anchors and use them as privacy screens.

If you are using enough numbers and are thoughtful about the size of these outdoor privacy panels, the resulting look will resemble an accidental masterpiece made for your patio only.

39. Use Corrugated Metal

Source: worstroom.com

Are you looking for screen porch ideas on a budget?

Build a screen out of corrugated metal sheets. It’s cheap. It’s reliable. And you can experiment with the look to suit your needs.

40. Fake Greenery Wall

Source: designerverticalgardens.com.au

You just don’t want living plants as your fence or do you have some grudge towards the green color?

If you can add more greenery to your patio, use fake greenery as your patio’s half-wall. You may have to use a wire fence as an anchor.

Take Away

Your patio has to be your den – a safe enclosure that you can use as and when you want.

But it may seem impossible. After all, it’s an outdoor space and you cannot focus on office work or studies when you are sitting right next to the busy street.

Not to mention, the birds, children, and pets screaming in the neighborhood can make focus a struggle.

In such scenarios, privacy screens come with some level of comfort.

You can go for more detailed screens that offer a higher sense of seclusion or you can use lighter ones that let you remain included without making you a focal point in your neighborhood.

The privacy screen ideas for the patio covered within this article include both types of screens.

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