ProtoHaus – A Real Home on Wheels

Modern home on wheels look like anything other than, in fact, at the house. But this statement does not apply to mobile homes ProtoHaus, created by designers Holly Ann  and Derrenom Mack. This home on wheels – a real home. House, but very small. ProtoHaus Area is only 12 square meters. Nevertheless, it is placed in the living room, kitchenette, toilet and shower. Even the stove for heating on cold days and nights there. However, and ProtoHaus is, relatively speaking, a “second floor” – it is a spacious double bed. Can fit on it and more people, but in this case it will be too uncomfortable.

And the most important difference ProtoHaus from hundreds and thousands of other mobile homes lies in its appearance. After all, this house on wheels looks exactly like the house, and not just a big trailer with a bed, table and toilet inside. ProtoHaus made of wood. It has its own small veranda with a ladder, gable roof with windows for extra light. At first glance, not everyone can understand all that this house can be moved from place to place. Only then the viewer sees the supervision and wheels. By the way, its own power and control systems have ProtoHaus not, so it needs to carry a trailer. Electricity ProtoHaus receives from the solar panels and wind turbines installed on it. Water, this mobile home to stock up on water, but not as often as the rest of his “brothers” – has built a secondary water treatment system that allows you to use the same liquid many times.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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