If only all things in life came with a mute button, wouldn’t that be handy? But alas, we are left to practice our patience and ‘selective hearing’, something I’m getting pretty good at, ha.

When it comes to matters of the house though, this is a different story, especially when kids are involved. That eerie silence when the feet have stopped running and the giggles have ceased, you know they are plotting and getting into something they’re not supposed to. Also, here are some tips that you can make your home look bigger or brighter.

Ultimate Guide to Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

So, I shove them outside in the garden and sunshine and get on with the housework that will probably last only a couple of hours. I don’t mind it actually, burning calories as the house pulls itself together, it’s a win-win.

Turn the music right up and get to work. Thankfully the latest model of vacuum we purchased is pretty much silent besides a small echo of whirring, so the jams can be heard fully. Having a quiet vacuum is great too for those can’t sleep I’m going to vacuum at 4 in the morning times, not often, but perfect for when they do show up.

Choosing the Right Vacuum

Just remembering the ordeal we went through to buy our vacuum gives me a headache, I read up on all sorts and types, pros and cons and costs of each. It was a lot. But I knew we would need something decent, hardy to last a while but that didn’t make my purse weep as I swiped the card.

Had I had some help, to begin with, it might have gone more swiftly, nevertheless you, however, are in such luck. If you are in the market for a new vacuum but don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to do research simply click here for shop vacuum and Bob’s your uncle. The hard work has been done for you and laid out like neatly folded laundry.

robot vacuum

You can read all about the features, the attachments if you need, ease of use and reliability. A handy breakdown with pictures, which is a must for me, and details you might not have even taken into consideration. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy some easy reading.

At least it saves you hunting through endless catalogs or listening to the over-played sales pitch the shop floor staff have been trained to memorize. You can go in with a confident decision and come out like a boss.

Types of Vacuums

  • Upright. Good for large spaces and if you have back problems, they do tend to only go as far as the cord and plug socket allows.
  • Cylinder. Because they are compact they are the best option for getting into tight awkward spaces, under furniture and especially stairs.
  • Bagless. No need to purchase expensive dust bags, but smaller in size so it requires frequent emptying.
  • Bagged. Bigger capacity so you can clean for longer, it also has the convenience of simply taking out the bag to throw away. You do need to remember to constantly buy bags though.
  • Cordless. Gaining popularity, probably due to its easy storage size. It’s lightweight and with no cord, you can move around freely without any hassles.

The model and style you buy are going to be largely determined by the size and shape of your house, who will all be using the vacuum and the usability of it as stated here.

No-one wants a machine that is going to make cleaning a mission, we don’t ‘enjoy’ vacuuming as it is, so the quicker and more efficiently it is done the better.

And like with most new toys, they come with accessories, yes even for vacuums. Nozzles of all shapes and sizes to get into those side hinges and corners, brushes with different length bristles.

Retractable brush heads, extendable hoses, and flexible handles to prevent wrist sprains. The list is endless, it would be nice to have it all, but my suggestion is to choose what you would most likely use every time, else it ends up in a pile in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again.

old miele vacuum

Factors to Consider your Purchase

The fun part is out of the way choosing colors and styles, now comes the practical part. Boo. As grown-up as it may seem, it’s a necessity that can make or break your vacuuming years ahead.

Look at the weight, you are going to be tugging this machine around, trying to lift it each stair, you don’t want to be breaking your back for a speck of dust. Check the kg’s, pick it up and walk around the shop for a bit, see how it feels.

Noise is a big one, we know there will be ‘some’ decibels but opt for one that won’t make the family run for the hills, or even worse you have to wear defenders to operate it. This was never on my radar till I looked into everything, but the length of the cord came up as a red flag.

They tend to be shorter on cheaper models, and unless you are happy to spend 50% of your time plugging the machine in and out of your, I’m assuming 100 sockets, spend a bit more and get a decent model with a lengthier cable.

Take your time, don’t rush into it if you aren’t sure, it may just be a vacuum but do you want to be repurchasing a year from now?