9 Reasons People Are Moving Out of Dallas

As the third-largest city in Texas, Dallas is known for its vibrant culture, bumbling diversity, and the biggest arts district in America. Home to the term “Super Bowl” and frozen margarita machine, it welcomes people from different backgrounds to live in harmony.

However, many Dallas residents are leaving because they are unsatisfied with the city’s declining living conditions and disappearing natural sceneries.

Data shows that around 15,000 residents left Dallas between 2020 and 2021, describing it as “boring, soulless, and crowded.” Let us see why people consider bidding farewell to Dallas and looking for a home elsewhere.

So, here are the major reasons.

1- Natural Disasters are Common

Natural Disasters Are Common
source: dallasnews.com

Many Texans are leaving Dallas because this town’s extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, including hail, floods, droughts, tornados, hurricanes, and unbearable heat waves. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, and even winter storms are quite common in the city, making it unlivable for many residents.

No wonder it also ranks third in disaster vulnerability for “hazard-type risks,” as per FEMA.

2- The Weather Can Be Brutal

The weather in Dallas can be intolerable as climate change continues to make the weather forecasts a nightmare. One-third of the city is covered in concrete, leading to the heat island effect. Also, winters can be just as bad as summers, making many Dallas residents uncomfortable.

If you’re considering leaving Dallas in August, the hottest month in the city, consider working with professional movers. Search online to find reliable long distance moving companies in Dallas, and then you can compare quotes to choose the most suitable mover. Make sure you choose a well-reviewed and experienced moving company to help you depart from Dallas, Texas.

3- Constantly Decreasing Air Quality

Constantly Decreasing Air Quality
source: news.com

Apart from the heat, air pollution also makes it difficult to spend time outside. It is labeled one of the worst outdoor cities in America due to CO2 pollution and a lack of open, green spaces.

West Texas dust makes the air quality even worse, and now experts argue if the city’s even breathable anymore. What’s even more embarrassing is that the American Lung Association describes the city as one of the worst places for ground-level ozone. And the pollen problem is yet another climate-related issue facing the well-being of average Dallas citizens and causing a sharp uptake in allergic rhinitis.

No wonder Dallas today is called the second-worst city in the country for individuals with allergies.

4- Not Many High-Quality Schools

Not Many High-Quality Schools
source: clws.org

The education system in Texas suffers from many challenges, but Dallas is especially notorious for being quite terrible. Many Dallas families are forced to seek better educational opportunities elsewhere for their kids.

Students in Dallas continue to lag behind other counties in Texas, and this “learning loss” only worsened during the COVID crisis. For instance, in 2022, just 12% of eighth graders in Dallas could score a proficient score in reading. It makes Dallas an awful city for your kid’s academic progress.

5- Declining Housing Affordability

If you are thinking about buying a home in Dallas, it’s better to abandon this idea for now.

Dallas hasn’t remained affordable for potential homebuyers anymore as the city’s uncontrolled urbanization makes house prices skyrocket. Surveys show home prices rose from $122,000 (2013) to $325,000 (2023) in just ten years. Today, Dallas homes are being sold at average prices of more than $450,000!

Moreover, you need to earn more than $87k a year to own a comfortable Dallas home and live a nice, comfy life in this city. That’s what makes Dallas, Texas, an increasingly unaffordable metropolis.

6- Urban Sprawl is out of Control

source: 123rf.com

Dallas’s uncontrolled urban sprawl nurtures a feeling of disconnectedness between different parts of the city. The trend of excessive urbanization in Big D leads to constant traffic jams, an increased power demand, and the loss of natural landscapes. Dallas-Forth Worth region is losing its natural and urban beauty while it continues to sprawl out of control and become too warm to live in.

7- Not a Lot of Food Options

A wide variety of Southern eateries isn’t something Dallas can offer you. It’s not that the food here is bad; there are just a few options to choose from when looking for fine-dining options. Regarding Texan cuisine and Southern delicacies, people often imagine a mixture of Texan and Mexican foods. However, the culinary habits of average Dallas residents are dominated by Mexican food.

8- Traffic Can Be Outrageous

source: dallasnews.com

As a born-and-raised Texan, you may have become accustomed to living without a subway. But Dallas is notorious for its outrageous traffic and inefficient public transport system. Constant traffic jams lead to longer commutes and increased stress levels for residents. Also, many road rage incidents occur here, which mysteriously became more prevalent in Dallas after the pandemic in 2020.

In 2022 alone, police recorded 807 road rage incidents, showing how sitting in traffic in Dallas’s bizarre weather can make people more prone to violence. It’s one of the worst cities to live in for those who go to an office located miles away from home.

9- Crimes are on The Rise Again

Even though state officials would have you believe violent crime is declining in Dallas, the reality is far more gruesome than that! After a two-year downward trend, crime in Dallas has risen again since January 2023. Homicides are up by 9.5%, while aggravated assaults have risen by 15% this year.

March alone was one of the deadliest months in Big D’s history, in which 34 murders were recorded. It seems safe to conclude that Dallas is not one of the safest cities in America, and some neighborhoods in the city are especially dangerous.


This blog highlights why many Dallas residents are moving out of the city. Dallas weather, the declining air quality, overpopulation, and the city’s out-of-control traffic are some reasons why people dislike living in this city. Moreover, the city’s expensive housing, poor-quality education, and fewer dining options compel the residents to hire long-distance movers, pack their bags, and skip town ASAP.

You may move to another city in Texas where houses are cheaper, and the weather is enjoyable.


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