Reasons All The Rooms In Your House Aren’t Getting Cooled Enough

Investing in air conditioning means that you can enjoy relief from the summer heat and still focus on the tasks that need to be done.

While some people consider air conditioning a luxury, for many, especially in the hottest areas of Australia, it’s a necessity.

That’s why, when you’ve paid to have air conditioning installed the last thing you want is to find rooms that haven’t been cooled properly. There are several reasons why this is happening.

Incorrectly Sized Unit

Incorrectly Sized Unit

You can’t just purchase an air conditioning unit and install it without verifying that it is the right size for your home. If it’s too small it won’t have enough power to cool all the rooms. You’ll end up with areas that aren’t cold enough.

Equally, going for too large and powerful a system means you won’t have an issue with reaching the right temperature. But, you will be wasting money and energy.
In short, you need the right-sized unit for your house.

That’s something professionals, such as this specialist in commercial air conditioning, can help you with.

Dirty Filters

ac dirty filters

Assuming your system is correctly sized then the issue may be dirty filters. Air filters are essential to keep debris out of your home.

They can also remove many of the allergens and other contaminants in the air. However, the more effective they are at removing things the more often they will need to be cleaned or replaced.

If this isn’t done your system is using dirty air filters. This reduces the airflow, making it more difficult for cool air to reach everywhere. You will experience spots that aren’t cooled effectively, especially those furthest from the unit.

Open Windows


This is a very obvious issue but is still one that is often overlooked. If the window is open in a room then it will be very difficult for the air conditioning to reach the desired temperature.

In other words, there is a supply of warm air constantly entering the room which prevents the air conditioning from working efficiently.

Incorrectly Set Thermostat

Install a Smart Thermostat-Reasons Rooms In House Aren’t Getting Cooled Enough

If you find this is the issue then it’s the simplest problem to solve! Your system may have one thermostat for the entire house.

If this thermostat is located near the unit then it will show a temperature drop much faster than the rest of the house.

This turns the air conditioner off and prevents the furthest rooms from cooling further.

Equally, if you have individual thermostats in the rooms, you may simply have them set incorrectly. Change the temperature and the room will get cooler.

Ducts Leaking

Ducts Leaking-Reasons Rooms In House Aren’t Getting Cooled Enough

Just as dirty air filters can reduce the flow of air and therefore the effectiveness of the system, so can a leak in the ducts.

If one room isn’t getting as cool as the rest of the house then check the ducts. Any leak will deprive the room of the cold air it needs. The ducts can be temporarily repaired with tape and replaced as soon as possible.

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