2 Very Good Reasons to Hire Professionals on a Home Remodeling Project

Are you tired of looking at a kitchen that looks like a throwback to the 1970s but aren’t quite sure how to go about getting a fresh, clean look? Perhaps money is an issue, so you want to try your hand at remodeling it yourself. After all, you did an amazing job painting the kids’ bedrooms last year and you even installed ceiling fans yourself!

Be that as it may, that isn’t good enough reason to tackle a major job like a kitchen remodeling project. In fact, no matter what room in your home needs a major overhaul, there are at least two very good reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional to do the job – even if money is an issue.

1. A Penny Saved Isn’t Always a Penny Earned

The biggest reason so many homeowners attempt DIY projects in the first place is to cut back on the cost of labor. Materials may cost the same but at the going hourly rate of professional contractors, you’d think it would add up to a sizeable saving. It’s time to think again! What happens if something goes awry such as cutting through the main sewer or plumbing line and your home is flooded?

That ‘can’ happen to professionals (and has at times!) but they are protected by insurance if you’ve vetted them well. Are you? Probably not. In this respect, a penny saved could be thousands of dollars spent on damage control.

2. Are You Equipped Against Health Hazards?

Getting back to that kitchen that looks like a throwback to the ‘70s, it could be that your home was built in that era of obnoxious lime green and dusty rose pink. You will need to totally renovate your kitchen from floor to ceiling, which includes sinks, faucets, and maybe even gas lines running into the home when the range was powered by natural gas lines that no longer service your area.

Are you equipped with the right safety gear to protect yourself against health hazards such as lead paint, lead exposure in plumbing lines, or asbestos which was probably used as insulation? Again, probably not. Professionals take the necessary OSHA approved safety training classes and learn how to use the correct type of respiratory protection, for example, and that is something you are ill-equipped to handle. Did you know that most cases of lead poisoning are the result of breathing in lead residue?

Why Not Start with a Pro?

Botched jobs often require the services of professionals to correct mistakes made because you weren’t adequately trained in that field. Don’t get in over your head when the easier fix is to simply hire a pro from the very beginning. Also, consider the consequences to your health if you are unaware of any hazardous materials which could cause life-long consequences to your health and the health of your family living in the home while renovations are being made. If you want to cut corners, you can always do the finishing touches like painting yourself, but for those major jobs? Do yourself a favor and hire a pro.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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