7 Reasons to Paint Your Home

You’ve gone to town on your paint job and your exterior and interior looks a million dollars. After putting the paint brush down, you can now soak in all the benefits of painting your home. From increased property value to improved fresher air, you simply can’t go wrong with a paint job.

However, many skip painting and prioritize other tasks around the house. Whether it’d be breaking walls down to increase floor space or building new additions, painting is often put on the backburner.

To help you out, below are ten reasons why it’s essential to paint your home:

Improves Air Quality

If your home was built decades ago, chances are it was painted with high VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints.

These are bad for the environment and your home’s air quality, as they contain formaldehyde which can harm humans with long-term exposure. If you already have respiratory issues, you’ll want to avoid high VOC paint fumes.

If you hire a professional painter to repaint your walls, you can insist they use low or zero-VOC paint.

This doesn’t release any dangerous chemicals into the air, reducing your home’s hazardous air pollutants. You’ll be healthier over time and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

7 Reasons to Paint Your Home-Reasons to Paint Home-Reasons to Paint Home
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Boosts Property Value

This was mentioned in our intro, but we really need to double down on this.

When you put your property on the market and show-day arrives, potential buyers are going to be drawn in by the aesthetics.

They may not be meticulously inspecting the quality of your brick work, but they’ll certainly notice a property that looks fresh and clean.

A new coat of paint instantly refreshes a property, instantly drawing eyes from the street or potential buyers. This can translate to a higher sale price or better offers, depending on the market.

In terms of ROI, homeowners can expect 107% for interior painting and 55% for exterior painting. For actual profit, you can expect an increase of $4,000 for your property with house painting. This is a fantastic investment when you think about it.

Protects Your Interior Walls

Walls are generally made of materials that absorb moisture, meaning they’re susceptible to rot and decay overtime.

They can also become stained, instantly giving your interior a worn-down and unkempt look.

By painting your walls with a coat of paint, you create a protective layer between the wall and moisture.

This is especially prevalent in kitchens or bathrooms where water and steam naturally accumulates. Paint acts as a sealant for the walls, keeping moisture and other environmental factors out.

Protects Your Exterior

In hot countries like Australia or India, the sun’s UV rays can be harsh on exterior walls. This can cause discolouration or fading over time, and even cause the paint to bubble or peel off prematurely.

With a new paint job, a professional painter will apply exterior paint which is resistant to UV rays. Its reflective properties allow the paint to bounce sunrays away, reducing the damage caused by long-term exposure.

This not only keeps your home looking bright and vibrant, it also prevents costly re-paintings down the line.

Besides UV rays, a new paint job helps protect against other elements like wind and water. If you live in a country with unpredictable weather, a paint job is a must.

Can Make a Room Look Bigger and Brighter

Walls are a blank canvas, and painting them with a specific color scheme can make them look bigger and brighter.

If your interior lacks space, opt for light neutrals off-whites, pale, and soft pastels colors. These colors have a reflective property, allowing more light to bounce around the room.

Alternatively, if you want the room to look taller, hire a professional painter to paint your ceilings bright white.

Of course, you don’t need to stick to a single color for your home, you can use different shades to create a unique looking space. A professional painter will be able to provide you with advice on the best colors for your home.

Boosts Curb Appeal

Your property’s appearance from the outside is just as critical to buyers or renters. It’s important to create a warm and welcoming exterior, and you only do this by applying a new coat of paint.

You’ll want to attract eyes right away, so make sure to choose bold and vibrant colors to get people’s attention.

Remember that first impressions really do matter. If a person is instantly turned off from the onset, you may not get a second look.

Overall, a beautiful exterior may be the difference between a deal closed or a potential buyer that moves on.

Your Interior’s Color Will Match Your Personal Tastes

Everyone is different – that is what makes the world so interesting. We all have our own individual preferences and tastes when it comes to design, so why not express that in your home?

Painting your walls is a great way to inject personality into your interior. If you love red, why not go for a red color scheme that involves multiple shades.

If you really want to push the boat out, you can even add some flamboyant features like a wallpapered accent wall.

The best part is that a painted wall isn’t permanent, and you can change it up whenever you please. However, just know that wall paint can sag in certain areas if applied unevenly. Eventually, you may have to call in the professionals if your paint starts to sag downwards.


We’ve provided seven benefits for house painting but there are many more! If you’re looking to make a statement, or just want to add new life into your property, then painting is a great option.

Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior paint, it’s important to always hire a professional painter. They’ll provide advice on color schemes and techniques that work best with your home, while also getting the job done in no time at all!

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