Whether you are having a new home built or are currently undergoing a landscaping project, you may not think you need a fence around your property. Perhaps you don’t believe your neighbors will trespass across property lines and the house is located in a quiet neighborhood, so why would you need a fence? Actually, those aren’t the only reasons to consider having a fence built around the perimeter of your property. If you are on the fence, pardon the pun, about building a fence, here are three reasons why you should.

1.  Concealment from Unwanted Sights and Sounds

Maybe you do live in a quiet neighborhood where you don’t expect to be bothered by neighbors encroaching on your land, but that doesn’t mean that other things they do won’t affect you adversely. Perhaps they have teenage kids who like to play their music just loud enough to be bothersome and perhaps they don’t keep up their property in quite the same way as you do. With the right kind of fencing, you can conceal those unwanted and annoying sights and sounds from interfering with your right to quiet enjoyment.

2.  Weeds Trespassing onto Your Property

Unfortunately, not all types of fencing will stop your neighbor’s weeds from trespassing across property lines ruining the landscaping you’ve just spent a small fortune on. However, there are quite a few lovely vinyl privacy fences that have few gaps and run along the ground, which will prevent the majority from making their way through. One company, Northland Fence in Minnesota, has found that their vinyl privacy fences are in great demand for just this reason. Of course, there’s always that extra element of privacy you can enjoy at the same time, but when it comes to weeds, there’s nothing enjoyable about hours of weeding your garden because the neighbor leaves theirs unattended!

3.  The Right Fencing Adds Instant Curb Appeal

When seeking to list your home for sale, you are advised not to over-improve your property or to go into huge expenses you won’t recover upon the sale of your home. Unfortunately, if prospective home buyers don’t like what they see from the outside, chances are slim that you’ll get them to see the lovely new kitchen you’ve just remodeled or the addition of those sliding glass doors leading out to the back patio you’ve built a few years back. You may not need concealment from the encroachment of sights and sound (and weeds!) from your neighbors, but you sure could do with a healthy dose of curb appeal when selling your home.

No, you might not think you need a fence but wait until those teens decide to throw a party when the folks are out of town. You will wish you had gone with that privacy fence built to keep those sounds and all that mess where they belong, in the neighbor’s yard. From keeping the kids in the yard to keeping stray dogs out, there are so many reasons why you need a fence that you just haven’t considered. Isn’t it time to think again?

Featured Image Source: Pixabay