Reasons Why You May Need to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Buying a piece of land, your first home, or even business premises is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime, so you cannot afford for it to go wrong. However, real estate transactions can be complicated, whether you are renting, buying, selling, or leasing. You have to make sure you have considered anything that may affect either party involved, including insurance plans, zoning laws, title and deed searches, and all other legal processes. So, you may want to enlist the help of a real estate lawyer. Here are some examples of when hiring one will be necessary.

You Are a Landlord in Disagreement with Your Tenant

If you are a landlord and your tenant has an issue with the terms of the agreement or something you are obliged to do as a landlord, this is something you will need to sort out fast before it becomes a major legal issue. Alternatively, you may run into problems with your tenant yourself, and decide that they are not the right renters for your property for one reason or another. Hiring a real estate lawyer will enable you to receive legal representation in the case of an eviction, or they can simply help clarify local habitability laws.

You Are Buying a Building for Your Business

Buying a property in order to open up a business is a big decision. Real estate lawyers like Cline Jensen have the experience necessary to be able to review and negotiate your contract terms to secure you the best deal in terms of the loan. Also, as commercial real estate laws are different from residential laws, there may be rules and ordinances in the area that you aren’t aware of. A real estate lawyer will use their knowledge to help protect your interests.

You Have Purchased a Property, But Someone Else is Claiming it

Even you have completed a sale on a property. Unfortunately, you can still run into legal disputes. If the paperwork was unclear and there were discrepancies, it is easy enough for another party to try to claim it. There could even be fraudulent liens or unresolved mechanics liens. Seeking the advice of a real estate attorney will help you to protect your rights as the property owner.

You Don’t Understand the Terms

It may simply be the case that you don’t understand the terms of the contract or loan agreement, or there are some parts you either don’t agree with or feel are incorrect. It would be wise in this situation to contact a legal professional to look over the document for you and clarify what your rights are when it comes to negotiations. You can’t afford to sign on the dotted line if you don’t completely understand what you are signing for.

So, if you are dealing with any matter related to real estate, know that hiring a real estate lawyer can help you avoid running into legal issues now and further down the line.

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