Ways to Recycle Throw-Away Items For a Sustainable Garden

Our homes produce a lot of waste. Most of this waste decomposes and therefore does little harm to the environment. On the other hand, some of the waste we produce, mainly plastics, does not decompose and ends up in landfills where it damages the environment. Many gardeners are creative people and this is why we are seeing a push for the reuse of these disposable materials in the garden to ensure they do not end up polluting the environment once they are thrown away.

Recycling and reusing make a lot of sense, both from a gardening and environmental viewpoint, which is why we are going to look at some creative ways to recycle and reuse some of the materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.


Pallets can be used to create compost bins. All you need is four pallets for the sides and to hold them together with some twine. Don’t be worried about the gaps because compost needs to breathe and will be held in by the slats.

Pallets are also a great option because as the compost decomposes, its nutrients can be released into the surrounding soil. Once you remove the pallets, you can also spread the compost over your garden.


Wood is a very versatile material that can be reused in different ways. For example, old scaffolding planks can also be very useful when creating raised beds for your garden. Wood can also be used to create different gardening structures such as compost bins and structures to hold up netting. Discarded wooden pieces can also be used to create trash enclosures. These enclosures ensure you do not leave your trash bins out in the open, and they help keep critters out so they do not get into your trash and spread it all over your garden.

Windows and Glass
Windows and Glass

Many people would not see the value of windows and glass in their gardens, but those without sharp edges can be used to create cold frames. These protect any young plants in your garden during autumn and spring. Also, double-glazed windows can protect the young plants from frost during the colder months. Just know that the cold frame can be difficult to open if the window frames are made out of metal.

Plastic BottlesGardening Plastic-Bottles

By cutting the bottoms and leaving the top open, you can use enclosures for young seedlings. These enclosures will help protect the seedlings from strong wind, snails, and slugs. Because they are often transparent, they will let the sun in and their open top lets the seedlings breathe.

CDs and Similar Mediums

With almost everyone using flash drives and consuming digital content, CDs, DVDs, and similar mediums have lost their popularity. Because of this, most of them end up in landfills and because they are mostly plastic, they are very harmful to the environment.

CDs and DVDs can be used to create bird-scaring apparatus by hanging them in your garden using a string or wire. Their reflective sides work very well to scare birds without harming them, especially when you use this apparatus with others that make some noise.

Your creativity is the only limiting factor when it comes to reusing throwaway items in your garden.

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