Ways to Reduce The Number of Days Your Home is Listed

Sellers are always excited when their property first goes up for sale, as they imagine they will get their first offers right away. Really optimistic sellers even believe that their homes are so spectacular that they will inspire bidding wars of epic proportions. While it is a seller’s market at the present, it can take time before you receive your first nibble. What is more important than the current state of the real estate market is the state of your local housing market. To reduce the amount of time your home remains listed without an offer, follow this advice.

Get an Excellent Realtor

Unless you are dead set on listing your home for sale by owner, you should connect with a highly experienced real estate agent. Let an expert help you to list your home and you are almost guaranteed to get your property sold faster. Realtors work on commission, and they receive more clients by way of referral. The more homes they sell, the more opportunities realtors have to make money. In the end, everyone makes out better when properties don’t linger on the market. In addition, realtors represent buyers, so if you partner with a professional realtor they will come with a number of potential buyers in mind.

Consider Having Your Home Staged

You will hear all kinds of advice about whether or not you should leave your home before it is sold, packing up your things and putting them into storage, or staying there so that it looks more inviting. Consider whether you want people coming through your homes several times a day for viewings. Most importantly, consider whether you should have your home staged. Nowadays, you don’t have to rent out furniture to put in your home for staging purposes. Barion Design offers virtual staging to clients who prefer having their interiors professionally designed. Virtual staging services get homes noticed and sold faster.

Put Up Accurate Photos

Anyone really interested in buying your house will want to see it in person prior to closing. Written descriptions of homes can give home shoppers a detailed idea of what your home looks like on the outside and interior. However, the pictures that are taken of your home is what gets buyers to actually look at your property. People want to see how many windows are in each bedroom, they want to get a feel for how big the kitchen area is. If there are parts of your home that need updating or fixing up, dating accurate pictures will lead to more offers, not less. Let them know what they are getting so that buyers don’t assume the worst.

Don’t worry about it if your home takes above the average number of days to be closed on. What you should focus on is getting offers that are at or above the listing price. With more offers made, you can choose the buyer and make more money than expected.

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