When we improve our homes, unless we’re having structural work or garden landscaping, we tend to concentrate on the interior. We might repaint the walls, replace the flooring or even fit an entirely new kitchen or bathroom, but all too often we forget about the exterior of the home. For those who do consider repainting the outside of the house, they can be put off because they believe the task is too great with not enough return on the investment in terms of time or money. However, there are some great benefits for homeowners who repaint the exterior of their home. Here are 5 of the biggest reasons that you should consider.

1.  You’ll Boost your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything when it comes to a home’s aesthetics. The way your home looks from the curb is a big priority for many of us, and it’s even more critical if you are hoping to sell your home. A home which appears to be well cared for will reflect positively on you as a competent homeowner and, if enough of your neighbors do the same, the neighborhood will be more appealing in general.

2.  Increase your Home’s Value

A newly painted home is also likely to factor in an appraiser’s valuation of your home and make your home more appealing to buyers. If the house appears to be in good condition from the outside, there’s a good chance that the rest of the home has also been well-maintained. Also, repainting the exterior of your home or replacing sliding is a great investment as you will receive most of your investment back in increased sale value. To ensure that your exterior is repainted to a high-quality and all the correct safety procedures are followed, it’s best to hire professional painters to carry out the job properly.

3.  Enhanced Protection

We put our homes through a lot. They provide us with protection not only from the weather but also from invading insects. When exterior paint wears away, it leaves the siding of our home vulnerable to mildew, termites or ants. While paint will not stop these things from happening, it can prevent and slow down processes such as the rotting of wood. The longer you can prevent these problems, the less you will need to spend on repairs.

4.  Highlight Repairs

Professional painters will be able to identify any early signs of damage before they begin repainting the home. Catching these problems early on will prevent them from developing into major (and considerably more costly) issues. From termites and wood rot to stucco cracks, the average homeowner won’t notice there’s a problem until a replacement is needed.

5.  Revitalize your Family Home

Every now and again, we all need a fresh start. Just as repainting the rooms inside your home can feel like wiping the slate clean, the same is true of repainting the exterior. You could choose a new color or simply refresh the existing one with a blank canvas. The effect of colors on our emotions and psychological outlook has been well-documented, so take the opportunity to give your home (and family life) a makeover.

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