Residential Reskin- A Unique Architectural Splendor

Residential Reskin, which was a former restaurant, has been innovatively transformed into an impressive and marvelous residential building. The exterior of the house has undergone a complete cosmetic transformation in a somewhat unconventional manner. Hertl Architekten, an Austrian architectural company has given the exterior of the house a unique facelift by means of draped fabrics, folded in giant irregular rectangular patterns.

Such an innovative home update reveals the artist highly imaginative frame of mind. The massive gray drapes enfold the aged building in mystery and elegance. The home interior has also undergone a huge makeover. The two restaurant floors have been beautifully transformed into two large modern apartments.   While during the daytime, the drapery gives the house a stylish, cozy look, while in the night it transforms the building into a mystifying entity.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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