Creative DIY Projects for Home Goods

Tips to Reuse Home Goods

Up-cycling is a great way to reduce waste in your life. Taking old items and, instead of throwing them out, reusing them and giving them a brand new purpose. You can do this with many different home goods — big or small — and we’re here to give you a few ideas on how to do this yourself.

Holders for Bathroom Supplies


Image Source: derpinaMODE

Little odds and ends in your bathroom can take up way more space than they really ought to. From floss, to cotton balls and cotton swabs, to barrettes, bobby-pins, and other hair accessories. These little items really do take up a lot of room. In the above picture, the DIY-er took an old jar of fancy cheese she had and washed it out. Now she uses the ceramic jar to hold her cotton swabs in, making her bathroom look a little more rustic, while also hiding away her little odds and ends. You can do this with any glass or ceramic container you might have around your home. Just make sure you clean it out first.

Give Old T-Shirts New Life

T-shirts pillows

Image Source: DIYnetwork

Most of us have old t-shirts hanging in our closet or folded in our drawers that we just don’t wear anymore. Instead of them taking up space that we could use for new clothing purposes or storage, we can make trendy and fun pillowcases from our old t-shirts to spice up a room. Make something fun for your kid’s bedroom, or even use a nicer t-shirt to make something for your living room or family area. It’s bound to give your space a little more color, and it’s very cheap to do. Find out how to do it here.

Take an Ugly Table and Make it Beautiful

Old Table

Credit: NewlyWedMcGees

Instead of throwing your old table by the edge of the road for the garbage to pick up, you can take your ugly table and re-purpose it into a bright, new ottoman. It takes some handy work, and some knowledge of upholstery, but it’s nothing you can’t Google. This way you’re not spending massive amounts of money on new furniture — now you can take your old, dingy furniture and completely customize it. You’ll probably even wind up making something that’s perfect in your home that you would have never found at the store. You can find out how to make it here.

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