When Is The Right Time To Remove A Tree?

Trees can bring much joy and beauty to a space, not forgetting the wildlife that they attract too. However, once a tree becomes an issue or develops a problem, it is probably time to consider having it removed. They can take many different sizes and shapes, and depending on their location, a tree that needs removing could pose a risk to the public and property.


Therefore, you should understand when to remove a tree as this will ensure that damage is minimised as well as the risk too.

When You Should Remove A Tree As Soon As Possible

The need to remove a tree is based on the risk, as we have mentioned, but a tree that needs removing quickly can be much like a ticking time bomb. Not many homeowners know the right time to remove a tree, which is a concern when a tree becomes dangerous. If you leave it too long, then serious damage could be caused.

There are a number of different factors that determine when you should act fast and have a tree removed quickly. However, it is especially important to understand when trees should be removed.

One of the main indicators that a tree should be moved quickly is a tree that has any upheaving roots. This can occur for a number of reasons but once a tree has started to lean and the roots are pulled away from the surface and exposed then it is time to have them removed.

This is because they are at risk of falling at any time and even heavy winds could be enough to cause them to fall. While the tree might not be a risk to your property, you will also have to consider the risk to other properties and structures.

Infected Trees

So, we have covered the fact that trees that pose a risk should be removed instantly, but what about those trees that are infected? Well, the reality is that a threat is not always visible in the same way as it is with a tree that is leaning. Infection can cause a real threat and you might not be able to see it. The infection can cause the tree to rot and weaken and that can cause entire trees to fall or even large branches from a height.

If you spot that a tree has an infection or disease, then it is important to have it removed. This will help to prevent the spread of disease between the infected tree and other trees nearby.

Removing A Problematic Tree

Don’t wait to have a tree removed and don’t wait for certain seasons to arrive before booking in your Essex tree surgeons. If the tree does pose a risk, then it doesn’t matter what the season is, you should always make sure you get it removed. If the tree is simply unwanted, then there clearly is no rush and this can mean that you can choose to have it removed when it suits you.

So, tree removal is governed by the urgency and health of a tree. If a tree poses a risk, then get it removed as quickly as possible. If there is no risk, then you can take your time.

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