5 Roof Repairs You Should Leave To The Pros

Owning physical property means exercising great care in using and maintaining it. It also means fixing minor issues as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. And your roof is no exception.

A recent market analysis valued the United States roofing sector at USD$ 26.2 billion in 2022, a value that’s projected to reach USD$ 39.64 billion in eight years. Growth drivers include the high demand for new technologies, eco-friendly materials, roof repairs, and replacements.

Roof repairs and replacements are inevitable services every homeowner should prepare for, as the roof and its various sections take a beating from harsh elements.

If you want to know which types of roof repairs you should skip doing, you’re on the right page. Below, you’ll find the most common roof problems and why you must call professionals to restore them.

1- Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement
source: thearchitectsdiary.com

It’s a significant home project that requires advanced skills, even for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It entails choosing the best roof material and type to suit your needs, not just your preferences. For instance, concrete and metal roofs are often recommended for hot climates because of their superb thermal properties.

At the same time, asphalt shingles and clay tiles are better for cold weather because of their resiliency to harsh winters.
Roof experts can guarantee excellent installation work and back this up with work and material warranties, which may be limited or absent in D-I-Y installations.

Because of the high costs, your roof replacement should provide comfort and peace of mind beyond completion. Looking for roof experts in your area is the best option for ensuring reliable service. If you’re in Mississauga and its neighboring cities in Ontario, visit this website.

2- Roof Maintenance

You should have your roof checked at least once a year to ensure its structural soundness. You should know that it’s an integral part of your home, and any unattended issue could blow up and lead to costly damage to your building. Besides, home insurance companies are less likely to cover losses if they find that you’ve been amiss regarding regular roof inspections.

If you have safety gear and a trusty ladder, you can conduct regular visual inspections, especially after a violent storm. However, it’s best to contact professionals after spotting an issue, no matter how minor. That’s because roof contractors are adept at spotting issues that are easy to miss. They can fix the problem immediately, so you don’t have to wait for your next appointment.

3- Shingle Replacements

Shingle Replacements
source: jurinroofing.com

Shingles become damaged, deformed, and dislodged from the roof for several reasons. Though a damaged or missing shingle may look like an aesthetic issue, it isn’t. A hole on your roof introduces water and moisture, and with time, causes mold formation and affects your home’s energy efficiency levels. In worse cases, it may compromise your property’s structural integrity.

While it may look easy, replacing a damaged or missing shingle isn’t meant for amateurs. A shingle problem may signal concerns with the roof layers, and repairing it requires the skills, safety knowledge, and familiarity only experienced roofers possess. Thus, asking professionals to replace shingles also gives you the benefit of knowing the underlying problems that must be fixed to avoid costly repairs in the future.

4- Gutters And Downspouts Repair

Eavestroughs, or gutters, work alongside downspouts to channel water away from your foundation and siding. Clogged gutters are commonplace everywhere as debris forms within your roof’s drainage system. As such, it’s crucial to regularly clean your gutters to ensure they’re working well and prevent issues.

When left for too long, heavy clogging can lead to overflow, which can detach your gutter and downspouts, eventually damaging them. The problem can also spread to other areas, including fascia. In such cases, hiring professionals who understand your home’s structure is best to perform the necessary repairs.

5- Flashing Installation And Repair

Flashing Installation And Repair
source: taylormaderoofingllc.com

Roof flashing, or drip edge, is a thin material placed around the roofline to keep water from the roof’s critical sections. They’re also installed along chimneys, skylights, and vents to prevent water and air leaks. As such, they’re integral in keeping your home moisture-free.

However, as is the case for older roof structures, improper installation and wear and tear can cause flashing to detach from the surface. When this happens, water and air can seep through the leaks and threaten your home’s comfort levels and structure. While caulking offers a temporary solution, having a roof flashing re-installed for a lasting solution is best.


Roof repairs, restoration, and installation may sound like attractive do-it-yourself home projects. But common problems require skills, proper training, safety knowledge, and expertise in doing the job right.

While you think you can save by doing these tasks yourself, hiring roofing contractors is still the best choice. A DIY roof project may lead to costly mistakes and additional damages that take too much of your time and money.

Finding the right professionals is key to eliminating risks in achieving a well-maintained home. Best of luck in finding the best roofing partners!

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