Round Ottoman Can Be The New Hero Of Your Interior Design

Round Ottoman

Ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes. From coffee tables to foot stools and hidden storage, a round ottoman perfectly does its job while accentuating your living room by giving it a modern look. Ottomans can either be composed of a decorative tufted fabric or simple hued leather or suede. You can also DIY a round ottoman by upgrading an old coffee table to go with your creative sofa in the living room. Go through our round ottoman ideas to help figure out your interior conveniently.

Teal Colored Ottoman To Go With Your Sofa

Teal Interiors sofaImage Source: Pixabay

Add a tinge of color in your otherwise boring living room by getting a teal colored round ottoman. As aesthetic and soothing as black and white, teal gives another dimension to the color palette of your lounge or living room. You can also bring your old ottoman to life by covering it with an elegant looking velvet cloth. Throw a matching pillow or cushion on the sofa to blend with the color scheme of your interior design.

Turn A Spare Tire Into An Ottoman

Tire OttomanImage Source: Upcycledzine

Do you have an extra tire lying around in your garage? All you need is some basic supplies like a glue gun, scissors, nails and round shaped wooden pieces. Go through this tutorial to understand how you can convert a tire into a classy round ottoman. This rustic looking ottoman can bean ideal addition to your living room or bedroom. Throw a cushion on it or use it as a foot stool, but make sure the rope does not come off since it is not a high quality ottoman.

Wooden Spool Round Ottoman

Wooden Spool Round OttomanImage Source: Upcycledzine

This cute little ottoman is made of wooden spools that serve no purpose lying around in your house. Hire a professional to make this round ottoman for you if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself. Go for a high quality cover for your ottoman to give the impression of an expensive piece of furniture. Checkered prints are the newest trend in the interior design world owing to their symmetry and sophistication. Follow this tutorial if you decide to DIY this ottoman at home.

Round Ottoman As Hidden Storage

Round Ottoman As Hidden StorageImage Source: Pinterest

Ottomans are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture when it comes to interior design. It only makes sense to salvage two things into one, while saving money and space at the same time. Make a hidden section for storage purposes beneath your round ottoman and cover it with an oversized cloth. Stay organized by storing your books or clothing items under the ottoman away from the sight of your guests.

Split Round Ottoman As Center Table In Your Living Room

Split Round Ottoman Image Source: Architecturaldigest

If you are looking for something fancy, buy this yin and yang shaped round ottomanfor your black and white themed living room. It can either be used as a coffee table or just a piece of decorative furniture lying at the center of your living room. Take a step ahead and customize this ottoman to perfectly mimic the yin yang sign and make your Chinese friends and relatives happy.

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