How To Use Runner Rugs To Modernize Your Hallway

There are hundreds of different rugs on the market, all in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. It can make it difficult to know which one to pick, especially if you are looking at your hallway.

Before you start considering runner rugs to modernize your hallway you should remember that this is the first area most people see. In order for it to stand out for the right reasons, you need to choose your runner rug carefully.

It shouldn’t be too close to the edges of the hallway and it needs to be bold. The best hallway runners reflect your style and invite people in while being resistant to heavy amounts of traffic.

Adding a modern runner rug will automatically modernize your hallway. They can also be used for other things:

Strips Extend


If you choose a runner rug with stripes on it you’ll be able to make your hallway look longer. Obviously the stripes need to run in the same direction as the hallway. This draws the eye and allows a perception of length, even if the hallway is short.

Be Bright


If you really want to modernize your hallway then you need to choose a bright colour. This is not a time to be shy. Bright colours reflect positive moods and this is very important at this time. They also look good, make your feel happier, and can even make the hallway feel warmer. The result is a welcoming hallway that looks modern and fantastic without you needing to spend a fortune.

Patterns Are Okay


Patterns are a surprisingly good idea in a hallway. They will create a focal point and should add a splash of colour to the welcoming space. They can add a lot of personality to the area and, perhaps more importantly, bold patterns are very effective at hiding dirt.

It doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning but they will hide the dirt better, helping them to look good when people arrive. Flowers can be included with patterns and are a great way to make a statement that lasts.

Green Materials

Green Rug

You can also opt for a variety of green materials, allowing you to tell visitors that you care about the environment while creating a naturally feeling walkway. In fact, environmentally friendly materials are usually hard-wearing, making them an exceptionally good choice for hallways and even for stairs.

Jute, seagrass, and sisal are all environmentally friendly and currently popular options.

Go Bespoke

Runner rugs

It is worth noting that the best carpet firms will make a bespoke runner for you. This will allow you to create the perfect size and shape runner for your hallway. It also provides the opportunity to personalize the runner, perhaps even monogram it. That ensures it is unique, modern, and highly desirable.

This approach is also the best way to integrate a hallway runner into a specific paint scheme.

Of course, if you prefer you can choose an antique runner but, while this can look fantastic, it is unlikely to help modernize your hallway.

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