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Architectural firm Chen and Suchart introduced his new job in Phoenix, Arizona – villa project Yerger Residence. The architects have used the main advantage gorgeous views of Mount Kemelbek and orient on the main facade of gory side. The project was implemented in the form of 2 blocks, each connected by a common hall and an outdoor swimming pool at right angles. Part of the house chipped masonry of stones, and other low-alloy clad steel. Virtually the entire residential area is made open plan with views of the mountains, and on this side of the house has 2 bathrooms and a guest bedroom. The master bedroom house on the contrary is hidden from prying eyes and behind stone walls on the second floor. However, one of the corners of the room is equipped with a sliding door made of glass, behind which gorgeous landscape. Near the house is the owner’s working studio. Do not be surprised in Arizona has its own steel mills, simply for reasons of cost, even taking into account the costs of transportation, steel, from Alabama was cheaper because of the low carbon content.

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