Nordic Inspired Design Ideas For Scandinavian Living Rooms


A Scandinavian living room is typically peaceful, tranquil, minimalist and everything is in order. It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day at work or school. However, you don’t have to be from Scandinavia to appreciate this decorating style because it has become prevalent worldwide. Today, you can find modern living rooms that are inspired by Scandinavian design in many countries.


A home’s decor reflects the style of its inhabitants, and nowadays, people like to keep things simple yet stylishly designed. Scandinavian interior designs are perfect for this type of home because it features soothing colors, plenty of natural light.

Clean lines and lots of texture. Whether your house is large or small, traditional or contemporary, there’s a way to incorporate this look into your living area. The use of remodeling estimating software for your home can help you achieve this style.

Design Tips

The great thing about a Scandinavian living room is that you can easily decorate it with items from your home or even buy some new furniture and accessories from a local store. The key to success is creating the illusion of space by using light colors, mixing different textures and adding plenty of plants to create an inviting atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to design one:

  • use neutral paint colors such as white, cream, beige and grey;
  • avoid chair cushions that have piping or ones that are too fluffy;
  • keep floors bare (i.e., no rugs) because it makes the area appear larger;
  • make sure your windows receive plenty of natural light during the day;
  • place a big mirror against the wall to reflect light and create the impression of more space;
  • use removable wallpaper in high-traffic areas that are easy to clean. Use plain, paintable wallpaper in unused spaces.
  • keep everything looking simple by choosing Scandinavian style colors for lamps, vases, throws and pillows. Avoid frilly flowers or too much clutter on tabletops.

It might be challenging to find time to decorate your home with this type of design, but it’s well worth the effort because it allows you to relax once you’re done working. Instead of feeling stressed about how the room looks, you can look forward to going home and enjoying a calm, peaceful area that reflects your style.

Do you want some inspiration? We share with you five excellent ideas on how to use elements from the Nordic style.

Decor Ideas For A Scandinavian Living Room

1) Neutral Colors As Basis Of The Decoration

If you decide to use neutral colors as a basis for your decoration, then you can do it with the help of the following items:

White Textured Curtains This kind of curtain is neutral and very simple. It’s made from 100% cotton blended with added polyester. Moreover, this model is available in different colors. You can choose what you need or combine several shades to make another color.

Also, it would help if you used them together with clips, rings, hooks and poles that are sold separately. Other advantages include light-filtering ability, blocking sunlight to give maximum privacy, machine washable and thermal insulation features that will undoubtedly keep your home warm during cold seasons.

2) A Minimalist Scandinavian Style – The Easiest Way To Make Your Decor More Functional

If you want to create a Scandinavian style living room, but you lack ideas on achieving this look, then it’s best to use neutral colors. Use light grey as the primary color and add green details such as grasscloth wallpaper or silk plants.

You can explore these at: This will make your home look welcoming and cozy. You can also place small vases filled with flowers on the side tables, choose colorful rugs and relocate large furniture pieces that take too much space, like a bookcase or an armchair.

3) Keep It Simple – Add Bold Colors Using Blankets And Pillows

You can bring life into your living room by using interesting textiles such as woven blankets and pillows. Such items come in shapes and sizes so that they can fit into any space. They are also straightforward to clean so that you don’t have to worry when your toddler spills his juice on them. Like the curtains, blankets can be machine washed in cold water, and multiple textures will make your area more inviting.

4) Create A Scandinavian Style Coffee Table – Mix And Match Different Textures

What better way to enhance a coffee table than by using different textures? To create this kind of design, you should use wooden planks placed one on top of each other. Add some woven baskets underneath them where you can keep magazines or newspapers without creating an eyesore.

You can find elegant designs for coffee tables at: Plus, various coasters serve as protection for your furniture. You can mix colorful ones with leather or glass ones to get a dynamic look.

5) Bring Nature And A Lot Of Light Into Your Home Using Large Windows With No Curtains

If you want to create a spacious living room, the best solution is not to use curtains or other textiles. The large windows will help you achieve this because they let plenty of light in and make your home much more significant than it is. Suppose you’re not sure how to decorate this area. In that case, you can try simple designs like placing white sheets on the floor and hanging white shelves with green plants on them or choose gorgeous Scandinavian-style curtains that are available in many colors and patterns.


Not only do these examples help us feel inspired to decorate our living rooms, but they can also be a starting point for creating other rooms in our homes. The Nordic style emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, including all the elements and details we should have when creating your personal space.

One of the main tools we use to achieve this look is light because it gives each room a relaxing atmosphere. This means that you shouldn’t worry about adding too many items or textiles because nature will be part of your decor through large windows, grasscloth wallpaper or silk plants.

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