Sherwin Williams Pewter Green with 7 Perfect Coordinating Colors

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green is the perfect choice for those who are looking for subtle and muted green tints. Find out how to complete the look in this post.

If you are eyeing bold hues for your house paint this year, check out Sherwin Williams Pewter Green. Balancing boldness and muteness perfectly, this hue is in trend as an interior and exterior paint as well as an accent color for cabinets and columns.

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Sherwin Williams Pewter Green – An Introduction

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green – An Introduction-

SW Pewter Green is a darker and mutter version of olive green. If it receives cold light, it will read gray-green while the olive hue will only appear mutely in the presence of warm green. Unlike olive green, SW Pewter Green’s undertone is gray.

What is the LRV of Pewter Green?

What is the LRV of Pewter Green

You check a color’s LRV (light reflective value) to see how light or dark it is. On a scale of 0-100, LRV shows the brightest colors near 100 and the darkest ones near 0. The cool color, Sherwin Williams Pewter Green, has an LRV of 12 – which means it’s close to black in its darkness.

What are Similar Colors to SW Pewter Green?

Other colors on the color strip of Pewter Green are Sea Salt, Oyster Bay, Acacia Haze, Ripe Olive, Comfort Gray, and Retreat.

Coordinating Colors for Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Recent years have seen an increase in its popularity. Yet, the color is a difficult one when it comes to pairing with other hues and developing themes for your house. You can go for cold undertones but if you are too sophisticated and moody.

But most homeowners complement it with warm colors and use it in rooms with warm light.

Here are the most preferred complementary colors for Sherwin Williams Pewter Green.

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1. Shoji White

Shoji White-Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

SW recommends Shoji White for Pewter Green. The two contrast beautifully with the subtle warmth of Shoji White bringing forward the green boldness of the former.

2. Alabaster

Oyster Bay-Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

If you have decided on white to pair with your green, Alabaster is another option. Another neutral hue, Alabaster is perfect for indoor and outdoor paints. Complete with stained wood and get a laid-back look.

3. Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay-Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Oyster Bay is from the same class of colors as Sherwin Williams Pewter Green only lighter and grayer. It’s a full-house color and you can use Pewter Green as an accent color with it.

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4. Alpaca

Alpaca-Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

This greige neutral tint is mostly warm but can change its temperature under cool light. It’s a perfect choice for those rooms that get plenty of natural light.

5. Sierra Redwood

Sierra Redwood-Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Emphasize boldness with the right natural color. SW Sierra Redwood is warm and attractive. It’s perfect for indoors and outdoors. If you choose Pewter Green for outdoor, pairing it with this orange tint will make the home most welcoming.

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6. Carolina Gull

Carolina Gull

Another sage color with a warm green undertone, Carolina Gull will complete your Pewter Green’s look in a monochromatic setting. Get it for your kitchen, living room, or other high-traffic rooms.

7. Smokey Taupe

Smokey Taupe

Known as interior paint, this subtle taupe is loved for kitchen cabinets mostly. For other rooms, you can use it as the primary color or make it the accent tint surrounded by an all-green ambiance.

Take Away

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green is a subtle, moody shade of green that is popular among homeowners as an accent color or exterior tint. You may like it on your house’s walls if you want a bold and dark ambiance.

It can change its temperature from warm to cold so make sure you pair it with the right color to emphasize the temperature you want.

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