15 Eye-Catching Shower Tile Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Add pattern, texture, style, and pop of exciting color to your shower with tiles. Hop on our list to personalize your bathroom with your favorite shower tile ideas.

Your shower is the spot where you brainstorm your next moves. Your bathroom is your sanctuary – so why not design it by tiling a shower using unique ideas.

In addition to being waterproof and washable, tiles work exceptionally well for walk-in showers, stand up showers, tray showers, and wet rooms, too, as both walls and floors can be tiled.

Besides making your shower area easy to clean and manage, tiles also act as those aesthetically pleasing yet functional adornments to beautify your space.

How about using your shower as a canvas to paint your unique style? And at the same time, creating a highly functional space altogether! Don’t keep wondering; it’s easy!

In order to modernize your bathroom floor, you need a plethora of designing and redesigning ideas. Worry not. We have that covered for you already. From luxurious tiles to subway tiles, we have compiled our article with pretty much everything on our list. Read on.

What Is The Best Shower Tile?

If you’re wondering what kind of tiles are best to use in a shower or bathroom space, glass, porcelain, stone, and ceramic are some of the best options.

Even so, before purchasing tiles, it is best to understand the material as entirely as possible since there are a few costly mistakes to avoid.

Choosing the right tile for your shower is essential, as well as ensuring that it is installed correctly.

Besides, opting for the proper treatment for your bathroom will not only make a significant difference to the tile’s longevity but also its appearance as well.

Which Tile Is The Most Low-Maintenance For A Shower? (Easiest Tile to Keep Clean)

When it comes to low-maintenance results, porcelain is the way to go. Bathroom spaces can benefit significantly from these tiles, as they do not require sealing and can be kept clean with most bathroom cleaners.

Additionally, porcelain tiles can be used with epoxy resin grouts that ensure the grout lines are free of discoloration and black mold.

How to Tile a Shower?

You can tile your shower in a number of ways and with any color or type of tile. Choosing tiles for your bathroom that are waterproof and durable and grouting them properly is the only design rule to follow.

Before you begin to design your shower with modern bathroom tiles, learn about different types of tile before and see which material will suit your needs the best.

You can create beautiful shower floor tile ideas with many kinds of tile, including ceramic tile, stone tile, glass tile, marble, granite, etc.

Once you’ve chosen your desired stone, start stretching your creative muscles to form the best-looking bathroom floor tile ideas.

Our list of bathroom shower ideas will help you curate your own unique and personalized way of doing the job!

15 Eye-Catching Shower Tile Ideas For A Standout Bathroom

Dress up your bathroom, picking any of the following incredible shower tile ideas. A wide range of materials, shapes, textures, colors, and layouts create personalized shower tile ideas to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom!

1. Use Mosaic To Create Curves

Mosaic To Create Curves

Mosaic tiles are helpful in creating flexible shower tile ideas and are especially useful for making practical, sharp-edge-free shower benches.

Shower benches are becoming increasingly popular in cubicles and wet rooms. Post-pandemic, they are mostly inspired by the need to create spa bathrooms at home. The tiles can be used to form eye-catching features.

So, how about you design your bathroom by creating a sharp-edge free shower bench? Besides being highly functional, it will also reflect your modern taste in your own bathroom!

2. Porcelain Shower Tile Ideas For Maximum Practicality

Porcelain Shower Tile

Another versatile tile for shower cubicles is porcelain. This all-rounder tile can be designed to give the appearance of other materials. For example, you can choose to have the look of marble, or you may go for a wood effect.

Whether you go natural or artificial, it’s a versatile way to develop more creative shower room ideas. Shower tile ideas utilizing porcelain are a great option because they do not need to be sealed.

If you’re renovating a bathroom, you should also keep the slip resistance in mind – a blend of beauty and functionality should be attained. This is how you opt for a shower cubicle design that’s elegant and functional!

3. Bathroom Shower Tile Patterns For Visual Interests

Bathroom Shower Tile Patterns For Visual Interests

In this shower tiles remodeling idea, you can use mosaic glass tiles in a continuous recurring border. In addition, you can also wish to use black tiles border to create a visual of white and brown mosaic breaking up the wall space. Even a single strip of patterned tiles would do the trick.

Once you’re done brainstorming your idea, visit any reputable local hardware store and ask them for ceramic tile shower ideas. Look through whatever they have in stock, and finally form your shower tile idea!

4. Marble Tiles For Dramatic Flair

Marble Tiles For Dramatic Flair

Who wouldn’t want to add a luxurious vibe to their shower area? If you’re among them, look no further than high-quality marble tiles! They can make anything look stunning.

Working with marble can be incredibly dramatic for shower tile ideas, especially when bookmatched.

Marble creates a sense of harmony and balance in a small space – go for it for your wet room ideas if you’re trying to make a sophisticated ambiance. Natural stone is a common material for slabs, tiles, and mosaics.

Classic elegance and something special come to mind when thinking of marble. It can be bookmatched for a stunning effect.

Whether in a bathroom or a kitchen, marble-effect porcelain always puts you in touch with nature. We suggest that the floor should be tiled with mosaics, while the shower should have larger-format tiles.

5. Make An Elegant Contrast Of Floor And Wall Tiles

Make An Elegant Contrast Of Floor And Wall Tiles

Go for contrast if you’re planning to do something out of the box with your shower area!

Besides, a sharp contrast is a key to creating an impactful look. Design a bathroom with a wet room style shower – but it should not be that large.

We recommend you to have white and black chequerboard floor tiles into the shower area to avoid the room’s size and many Deco features.

In contrast with the floor, the wall tiles are made with a polished black trim for finishing. This is how you achieve a solid definition, and impactful shower look!

6. Pick Deep Blues For Tonal

Pick Deep Blues For Tonal

Deeper shades of blue in a shower serve the best – especially if you’re looking to design your bathroom in the most modern way.

Known for its soothing properties and association with watery worlds, blue makes an excellent choice for shower room tiles.

Don’t be afraid of going dark; it’s time you embrace a little tonal range to keep the blue shade from being too stifling.

Shower room ideas like the one we mentioned feature square tiles painted in a few different tones to give the walls a sense of movement, like gently undulating waves. Make sure you pair the tiles with natural light-colored fixtures.

7. Go For White Marble As A Versatile And Timeless Option

Go For White Marble

Grayish white marble is the most likable tile among interior design enthusiasts. And now its involvement in showers just works perfectly either as an accent or in abundant use.

Even if you infuse this white marble generously over large tiles, the aesthetic effect will still remain the same.

However, due to being out of reach for many people, large marble tiles may not be a go-to option. This is why now trim format options are getting popular. They are as appealing as any marble stone can be!

If you’re excited to give your bathroom an aesthetic feel, this is one of our most recommended shower tile ideas!

8. Go For Bigger Patterns

Go For Bigger Patterns

Want to add an exciting splash of colors and grace to your bathroom? This should be your go-to shower tile idea!

The extra pop of colors can be done by installing bulky tiles in your shower. Start your day with a soul-refreshing shower in your very own modern bathroom.

In this shower tiling idea, a rustic tile will be used in a repeating pattern in order to form a Mediterranean feel.

Moreover, we have witnessed a spike in the bold use of colors and patterns for shower tiling schemes. Adopt this fantastic idea to have a timeless, modern bathroom!

9. Neutral Colored Shower Tile Ideas

Neutral Colored Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom and shower tiles form an integral part of the room, spanning both wall and floor. Taking this into consideration, we’d suggest cool, neutral colors and smooth textures for the shower tiles.

Although you may add pops of other colors via the rest of the bathroom accessories, vanity units, and tap finishes.

Wooden finishing wall mirrors and glass cabinets can add a graceful touch to your bathroom.

So, are you ready to transform your room with this elegant, eye-catching shower tiling idea?

10. Lavish Emerald Green Marbles Shower Tile Ideas

Lavish Emerald Green Marbles Shower Tile Ideas

Recently, we have seen a significant increase in people opting for green emerald marbles engraved on their bathroom and shower cubicle floors.

The sinewy natural patterns of these marbles make them a go-to option for wet rooms, especially in myriad colors.

The environment-friendly and deeper tones of emerald green – a sneak peek at the sea atmosphere makes these tiles favorite among nature lovers. If you’re one of them, you should definitely go for installing these tiles.

Looking to incorporate a refined, luxurious look for your bathroom shower? Green marble works like a charm with accessories in warmer brass tones and dark antique finishing pieces. Got enough budget in your hands? Opt for this fabulous idea already!

11. Subtle Floral Patterns And Accents

Subtle Floral Patterns And Accents

Nothing’s more comforting and soul-enriching than a clean, neutral, and subtly floral shower! To achieve a soothing look of that relaxing shower, add subtle floral patterns and accents to your bathroom, contrasting or matching the tiles’ colors.

Pick grayish white or neutral white color of tiles. And for the floors, you may opt for added mosaic slip resistance.

12. Diamond Rug Accent Shower Tile Ideas

Diamond Rug Accent Shower Tile Ideas

How delightful is it to have a brighter space for your everyday shower! Of course, soul-pleasing!

You can end up with such a diamond rug accent by picking lighter diamond rug pattern shower tiles. The color pops of your shower tiles will complement your floor tiles’ darker natural stone effect.

13. Shower Ceiling Tile Ideas

Shower Ceiling Tile Ideas

Your bathroom isn’t just about your shower tiles. You may also extend your design to the ceilings. Add a thrilling and contrasting pop of colors and textures to the shower ceilings to have an added advantage of personalizing your bathroom.

14. Subway Shower Tile Ideas For Monochromatic Looks

Subway Shower Tile Ideas For Monochromatic Looks

Fear not, as the subway style shower tiles trend isn’t gone. These trendy tile ideas are available in quite a lot of colors and finishing.

A royal high-shine white pairing with black grouting is sure to bring a vintage effect to your bathroom!

15. Narrow Stand Up Shower Ideas

Narrow Stand Up Shower Ideas

You certainly don’t have to go all luxurious when you can get the most out of your bucks. A narrow shower stall depicts a huge style via mindful use of colors, textures, patterns, and accents.

You want nothing more when your small shower space becomes big enough for every day’s essential shower!

Wrapping It Up!

Have you ever wondered what your bathroom would look like if you changed the shower tile pattern? Not every design will fit into every bathroom, which is why it’s important to have a wide selection of options available.

We’ve gathered the best 2022 bathroom tile ideas and designs to inspire you. The above shower tile ideas will make any bathroom look new and stunning!

We hope you have chosen your favorite one from our curated list of shower tile ideas.

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