Common Louisville Siding Products: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

Louisville is home to a massive variety of home designs, making it one of the most eclectic and beautiful cities in the US. Due to this, many Louisville homeowners take the siding products they use for their homes into careful consideration (both for aesthetic and maintenance purposes). For Louisville homeowners looking to replace or update their home’s siding, here are some common products to consider:

Stucco Siding

Stucco has seen a resurgence in use as an exterior siding material in recent years. Before applying stucco, wood walls are covered with a waterproof barrier paper and galvanized-metal screening to give the stucco a solid foundation and safeguard the underlying walls.

Although stucco can be used on homes with brick and stone surfaces, the traditional appearance is most frequently seen on the exteriors of the Mediterranean, ranch, and other uniquely designed homes. While these types of homes are not incredibly common in Louisville, homeowners looking for a unique, classy look to their home’s siding will love what stucco siding products have to offer them. Due to the hard nature of stucco, careful installation can lessen the likelihood of unintended fissures. The lifespan of stucco siding depends on how well it is placed and maintained. For this reason, you must use a quality Louisville siding company to install stucco correctly.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has grown to be the most popular siding option in the US thanks to its affordability, adaptability, and low maintenance requirements. Although certain vinyl siding products have an aesthetic that deters some homeowners and design professionals, the availability of a wide range of colors and styles allows customers to overcome this potential obstacle. Vinyl siding is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a DIY product because it is easy to install and is offered at home improvement stores. That being said, using a professional siding service is highly recommended, as this will ensure your siding is set up correctly, and that it will require little-to-no maintenance for decades to come.

Metal Siding

Many homeowners associate metal with roofs, rather than the siding, but it’s also become more common to use it for external siding over the last decade. It may be found in a variety of materials, including steel and aluminum, and is sturdy and relatively simple to install. After installation, metal siding practically never needs maintenance. The mixture of its trendy look, its affordable price tag, and its lack of common maintenance needs has made metal siding a hit with younger homeowners in Louisville especially. Due to its durability, metal siding can withstand cold and snowy weather as well as high temperatures. With the number of unpredictable weather surges that happen in Louisville yearly, this quality has made metal siding a go-to option for intelligent homeowners.

Additionally, metal siding does not have the same propensity for warping, rot, or pest vulnerability as wood siding. Metal is not soundproof and is a poor insulator, however, which is a drawback that some homeowners will have a hard time accepting. For this reason, Louisville homeowners who live right in the middle of downtown may want to consider a more soundproof siding material for their homes.

Brick Siding

Genuine brick comes in a variety of sizes and textures and is almost always made from burnt clay. Many classic home designs frequently feature brick, which offers a lovely appearance that has lasted the test of time and been utilized for hundreds of years.

Louisville homeowners who are looking to gain a rustic look to their home’s siding often end up investing in brick siding products for this very reason. That being said, brick siding is typically built as a veneer over a wood frame house, with mortar holding the bricks together. Brick veneers are permeable to water, so a membrane laid between the brick veneer and the house can shield the building. Brick siding can last the lifetime of your house if built appropriately and under normal circumstances. However, brick installation requires a lot of labor, thus it is more expensive than other siding types. For this reason, brick siding should not be considered by homeowners who are on a strict or limited home improvement budget.

Picking the Right Siding Can Help You Perfect Your Home in 2023

With the right siding, you can make your home look absolutely stellar in 2023. Louisville’s property values are skyrocketing in recent years, so investing in home improvement is highly recommended. Doing so can ensure you maintain a home that will serve you well for decades to come (even if you decide to sell it for a massive profit down the line).

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