What are The Signs of Plumbing Issues?

If you own a house or commercial building, It is necessary to keep the plumbing system on your home well-maintained to ensure that it serves its purpose. For the plumbing system to function correctly, you must know the signs of plumbing issues in your home. Knowing and fixing these signs is an excellent way to eliminate the issue before it becomes a large-scale problem affecting you and your home.

One of your home’s most essential utilities is the plumbing, like your aluminum weather-resistant insulated access panel. It has various helpful components your house needs, such as the water heater and the sewage systems. A house is not a fully functioning home when there are problems with the plumbing system; watering the plants, cleaning the dishes, cleaning the whole house, and disposal of human wastes are affected and will lead to health hazards.

Signs of Plumbing Issues:

Fixing the issue before it gets uncontrollable is the right thing to do. It would be best if you watched out for that indicate a plumbing issue:

1.) The Whole House Reeks of Foul Odor

If you notice a foul smell lurking in your home, like human excrement, rotten eggs, or sulfur, it is a sign that you may have a plumbing problem in your hands. If inhaled for an extended period, this reeking smell is hazardous to a human, so in early signs of this plumbing problem, it is best to call a professional. 

Reasons for Foul Odor on the Plumbing System:  

  • Build-up on garbage disposal on sinks  
  • Biofilm and bacteria growth  
  • Clogged drains  
  • Issues on P-Trap Pipes  
  • A breach in the sewer lines  
  • Loose seals on the pipes  

2.) Noisy Plumbing Fixtures

When the plumbing fixtures in your home make annoying sounds, this is a good and obvious sign of a problem. Each type of sound connotes a different issue from the other. Here are the noises that you can hear on your plumbing systems:

High-Pitched Noise from Water Pipes

The cause of the high-pitched noise or whistling is excessive water pressure or flow speed in your water pipes. Since the reason is extreme water pressure, the solution is just to lower the water pressure to an acceptable level. The lines will make a high-pitched sound when the water pressure exceeds 60psi, so turn it down 50psi, and you are all set.

Other causes of the high-pitched noise include a worn-out pressure-altering valve, mineral build-up, and blockages from hard water.

Squeaking Plumbing Pipes

The squeaking sound does not harm your water pipes but is disturbing to the people inhabiting the building or residential home. The reason is that your water pipes are hot and expanding, making them rub against their anchoring straps and make a squeaking noise.

“Hammering” Noise

This noise ordinarily happens when you swiftly shut off the water. Other reasons include the flow of incoming water to the pipes, pipes not properly anchored, and tremendous water pressure compared to its normal pressure.

3.) Dripping Faucets and Pipes

A dripping and leaking faucet mostly means problems with the water valve. A loose water valve is a common problem, so it is best to check all the water valves in your house, as this problem can significantly increase your water bill.

Another reason for dripping faucets is that their parts are damaged. Here are parts of a faucet that, if damaged, will cause leaking:  

  • O-Ring  
  • Cartridge  
  • Valve Seat  
  • Washers  
  • Seals  
  • Pressure

Dripping pipes is another even worse problem. You need to call a professional if this kind of problem arises, as this will undoubtedly lead to severe damage to your health and home.

Here are some causes that will lead to a dripping problem on your pipes:  

Damaged Pipe Joints

Pipe joints are the ones that connect your pipes, and these deteriorate over time, which in turn, causes leaks. These joints are not easy to find with the ordinary eye so call a professional on this kind of problem.

Broken Seals

There are seals around your home’s water connectors when installing your appliances. The machines will wear out as time passes, causing leakages. If you see puddles or signs of condensation near one of your appliances, there is a chance that you have a broken seal.

Clogged Lines

This problem is prevalent in plumbing, but you should take it seriously. Clogged pipes can lead to bursting and will be detrimental to your health with everything jammed inside. Use chemicals for this problem or, better yet, practice proper garbage disposal.

Quick Temperature Changes

Rapid temperature changes can affect your pipes by forcing them to expand or contract. The expansion and contraction can open cracks in your pipes, primarily if caused by low temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Fixing plumbing issues is not postponed or done when you have free time. You solve these problems immediately, as minor issues might lead to significant concerns in both your home and your pockets. If you cannot handle most of these problems, get yourself a professional so that they can eliminate the problem right away. 

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