If you’re tired of looking at the same old tired walls and furniture in your living room or bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you need to sell your house and start completely over! There are plenty of easy, simple ways to give your home’s interior design a facelift, and we’re going to give you all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

Spruce up and Rearrange

You’d be surprised at what a difference you will see once you have a good clear out and de-clutter in a room. Be ruthless as you go through your room one thing at a time. Be honest with yourself about what you need – if you don’t use it or don’t like it, donate it to charity or get rid of it altogether.

Then have a really good clean of all the surfaces. Vacuum the floor and furniture, wash the curtains and cushions, and give the walls and woodwork a good dust down and polish. That way you’ve got a nice clean canvas to start off with, and you can decide whether you want to make any further changes.

vacuum the floorImage Source: Pixabay

Couches and chairs are expensive to replace, so rearranging your furniture can give you a new perspective without spending any money. You could always add some new accessories if you want some new touches. Rugs, cushions, pictures, and curtains can give you character and color whilst a vase of flowers (fresh or silk) can give your room a real pop.

Say it with Paint

theme for your roomImage Source: Pixabay

Giving your walls, woodwork, and ceiling a new color is a great way to transform a whole room. It can be helpful to decide on a theme for your room so that you can coordinate everything together. Make sure that any furniture you’re planning to keep will fit into the new theme, either as it is or with small tweaks.

When you’re planning your theme, think about how you use the room and what ambience you want to achieve. For example, if you’re looking for a calm, relaxing bedroom, then neutral and cool shades would be much more appropriate than bold block colors. Whether you’re looking for painters Charlotte NC, New York, or all the way in London, it can also be useful to ask a professional for advice as they may have suggestions of colorways that you wouldn’t have considered.


It’s important for your new room to be coordinated around your chosen theme, but it’s also really effective to “flow” your color scheme or overall tone to the other rooms nearby and the hallway. By doing this, you’re creating a sense of connection between your rooms. You don’t need to paint everything in exactly the same shade of paint, but choosing a complementary palette will be really appealing.

Create a Feature

piece of furnitureImage Source: Flickr

Having a feature in your room can make a great focal point and draw attention to a particular area or piece of furniture. You can easily create a feature wall with paint, whether that’s with an fun use of color or pattern, or a freehand design.

These are simple ways to give your home’s interior design a facelift and don’t require much time or expense. You can be as adventurous as your heart desires!