Sky Planter For Your House

As you know, in the southern hemisphere the opposite is true: in the winter – summer in the new year – hot, people walk upside down, and the water flows down a drain, twisting counterclockwise. All these oddities are complemented by the fact that they house plants are planted too contrary – rhizome up and flourishing part down. Such a system of flower pots, called Sky Planter came up with designer Patrick Morris  from the company Boskke, which is located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sky Planter Pots equipped with a special hook at the bottom, for which they can be hung wherever is convenient – on a window sill or kitchen sink, on the porch outside, or in the living room in the house. Each pot has an internal reservoir for water, the problem is – gradually distribute the moisture to the roots of plants, which will significantly reduce the frequency and amount polivok. Will be comfortable and the hosts, who tend to “solder” the flowers and colors that will be much more comfortable. While looking at the plants hanging upside down, are not.
Sky Planter, flower pots for plants that hang upside down.

The invention of Patrick Morris will be appreciated by those who prefer to grow their own vegetables in the kitchen for salads and dressings. Thus, the pots can be planted Sky Planter parsley and dill, green onions and cilantro, sorrel and mint, to hang this “lawn” on the kitchen table, and then the right products are always at hand. More precisely, on hand at the crown.

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