Small Bathroom Ideas: 5 Design To Bring Your Bathroom to Life

As one of the most overlooked rooms in the home, the bathroom is often lacking when it comes to character and style.

Similarly, when working with a smaller bathroom space it can be difficult to find the inspiration to create a spa-like oasis, so many homeowners stick to the basics which results in a dull, lifeless space.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

It doesn’t matter how large or small the bathroom is, with a few of the key design features you can bring your bathroom to life and make a smaller, difficult space feel better.

Glass Shower Panels

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When you introduce glass to a smaller space it helps to keep the area feeling open and fresh.

Just like mirrors, glass can help to reflect light and create a sense of space, so having a glass shower screen can help to achieve just that.

You’ll find that the dull, drapey shower curtains can be too thick and heavy for a smaller bathroom, whereas a neat glass screen can keep the space compact and efficient, whilst adding a chic feel to the décor.

Digital Showers

Over the past few years, technology has become a huge statement feature in many homes, and it doesn’t stop at your Alexa’s and smart TV’s.

As one of the most popular bathrooms features today, the digital shower is here to really step your showering up. With so many unique features from water temperature control to dictating when the shower actually turns on, you can make showering a much easier, more efficient experience whilst keeping your bathroom on trend and practical.

You can find a range of digital showers online here, with handy guides and videos to find out more about the ideas behind smart showers before you add them to your own bathroom space.

Floating Shelves

One of the easiest ways to maximize the space available in a smaller bathroom is to add floating shelves to the space.

The moment you use a floating feature, you’re opening yourself up to even more storage space, such as a place to store the weighing scales or some neat boxes for toilet roll and other bathroom essentials.

The benefit to a floating unit is that you’re freeing up floor space, which can be used for storage and will also make the area feel more spacious and open.

You can even go as far as to introduce a floating sink, which is ideal for keeping things neat and compact.

Remove Clutter

It’s so easy for clutter to build up in the bathroom, from countless bottles of hair products and shower essentials, to the everyday bathroom items that you find sitting on the shelving units.

Strip back on the clutter and you’ll notice a huge difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels.

You may find that opting for some cupboards will help you, as you can keep your toiletries neatly stored away without having them on show cluttering up the space.

Inset Basins

This is the most popular choice of basin design because of affordability, ease of use, and overall design.

Yet, many homeowners also opt for this bathroom basin as it comes in a massive range of sizes from the widest to the slimmest design that will fit your small area.

In Australia, Caroma basins are the most popular as it offers ease-of-cleaning and value for money.

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