40 Small Living Room Ideas with TV

Are you looking for small living room ideas with TV to spice up your family space? We’ve got you covered with these 40 styles.

The living room is the place for the family to gather and spend quality time with each other.

Small living rooms limit the activities you can indulge in within your living room. But hey isn’t quality time about keeping your hands free and using your attention to bond with the other person?

You usually don’t need to include lots of activities and entertainment in a living room. After all, this place is meant to cherish your individuality in a family setting.

Does this mean you should leave it as it is? Placing a coffee table and a beautiful planter on the side should suffice, will it?

No! Although these rooms aren’t meant to present lots of engaging entertainment, they should still have a vibrant, energetic ambiance.

Or it can feature a TV that will help you gather over a family-favorite serial or movie.

But your TV can’t go into your living room. Where will you adjust it? What will be the sitting arrangement? You simply don’t have that much space!!

For that matter, we’ve got you covered!

1. Use a Single Color

Use a Single Color
source: Elledecor.com

While most living rooms use natural tones, you can’t go wrong with deeper paint. Use shades of blue, gray, or green. This style is especially cool if you’ve to make use of a very small living room.

When I say a single color for the whole room, I mean it. Besides painting walls and cabinets in this color, you would want the carpet and sofas to match this theme.

2. Color Theme for a Tiny Living Room

Color Theme for a Tiny Living Room
source: pinterest.com

Bright color will work best for you if you’ve got a dedicated living room in your home. But you may want to keep it spacious with a neutral tone. White and its shades are perfect for those living rooms that would mix different colors in furniture.

3. Use It Casually

Use It Casually
source: goodmockups.com

For most living rooms, television is the most prominent piece. But it doesn’t have to be the case. You should make sure to keep it in a corner if you are looking to renovate your living room for some quality time.

Instead of hiding the TV behind a sliding door, you can use a side wall to mount your entertainment center.

4. Beside the Fireplace

Beside the Fireplace
source: pinterest.com

So, you want to demote your TV to a secondary object in the living room? One way to do this is to place it side by side with the fireplace.

Before, it resided above the fireplace. Now, it will be in a corner on the lower side of the central wall.

5. Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center
source: nextluxury.com

For those of us who like bonding with each other over TV, an entertainment center is a way to go. It will hide away cables.

And you can use it to store board games and storybooks in case your family carves other forms of entertainment on certain days.

6. TV above the Fireplace

TV above the Fireplace
source: klimmek-furniture.ie

Does your home need a fireplace? You can use this opportunity to mix things up. Use a conventional fireplace and hide the TV cables behind the wall.

7. Ribbon Fireplace

Ribbon Fireplace
source: cvo.co.uk

Give a luxurious look to your small living room. You can give a sense of space by using a ribbon fireplace instead of a standard one.

8. Use a Narrow Stand

Narrow Stand
source: popsugar.com

You can mount the TV on the wall without worrying about the furniture this wall will have below it. But if you want to use an entertainment center in any case, you can make up for the small space using a narrow stand.

9. Use Minimalist Storage Furniture

Use Minimalist Storage Furniture
source: freepik.com

The living room has to have lots of storage space! But you don’t have to place bulky dressers in the room in place of cabinetry. Instead, choose narrow and small items.

10. Built-in Is Your Best Pal

Built-in Is Your Best Pal
source: thespruce.com

For a small living room, nothing can be more space-saving than built-in shelves. You can use them on the TV wall. Or you can add them behind your sofas.

11. Hang Baskets

Hang Baskets
source: thecraftpatchblog.com

You can never get enough storage in your living room! Hang baskets to create more space.

12. Go High Up

Go High Up
source: homedit.com

You don’t have to keep everything on the floor in your living room. Especially, when we talk about storage space that can be mounted on the walls near the ceiling.

Make sure they remain in reach, though. You wouldn’t want to climb the steps to reach your daily use items.

13. Pop of Color

Pop of Color
source: midwesthome.com

Neutral tones allow more light to the living room making it more lively and welcoming. These colors let you enjoy the ambiance in any mood.

If you agree with this interior decoration concept, you may use furniture items to balance out the otherwise neutral theme.

A brightly colored planter, attractively designed cushions, or outstanding living room chairs would do the trick.

14. Color Theme

Color Theme
source: housebeautiful.com

If your space is especially tiny, you should go with a single color theme for the whole room. This includes furniture and cabinets as well.

Use a bright or neutral tone as the primary color and dull it down with a shade of white.

15. Living Room Chairs

Living Room Chairs
source: coasterfurniture.com

Your chairs will determine the focal point of your family interaction. You can place them facing the TV.

But if you want conversation and quality time, let the two of them face sofas.
Keep growing as a family!

16. Framing with Furniture

Framing with Furniture
source: unsplash.com

The small size of your living room shouldn’t prevent you from including all the beauty you wanted to add to your family space. Use shelves to frame the TV and display your proud possessions.

17. Add a Study Table

add a study table
source: designcafe.com

You don’t need a large room to include a study table in your TV room. It can go in the corner just beside the TV.

18. Or Adjust a Workstation

Or Adjust a Workstation
source: pinterest.com

For those of us who can still work outside of our homes, setting up a home office seems too much. But you still need a computer table, right?

Why not place it in the living room so you can do light work when everybody is around.

19. Resort to Multifunctional Furniture

Resort to Multifunctional Furniture
source: handimania.com

Stools are small and don’t take up lots of space and they should add sitting space to your small living room.

Cube stools that can be tucked under the coffee table will accomplish the same purpose but with less clutter.

20. Use an Accent Wall

Accent Wall
source: pinterest.com

Divert your family’s attention from the TV and keep it on the color. Let the TV hide behind the beauty of the accent wall that holds it.

21. Keep It Off-Center

Keep It Off-Center
source: housebeautiful.com

Who said that TV only had to take center place in your living room? Give it less attention using simple design ideas.

Displacing it away from its unquestioned central position is one way to do this. Instead of using TV, decorate the wall with murals and photos.

22. Keep It Small

Keep It Small
source: rojgaraurnirman.in

If you are adamant about keeping your TV off the attention point, using a smaller one will help you with your goal.

I would pair it with artwork and frames that are bigger than or equal to it in size.

23. Frame TV with Art

Frame TV with Art
source: pinterest.com

Unlike the previous two small living room ideas with TV, this one doesn’t want to steal the attention away from the TV.

Instead, you can use it if you want to add more attraction to the TV wall.

Surround the device with your art collection. These pieces will go above it and surround it from the sides.

24. A Hidden TV

A Hidden TV
source: pinterest.com

It’s not uncommon these days to hide the TV behind sliding doors. It allows you room to discuss important matters when your focus is not drifting away. And it also allows you much-needed space in a small living room.

25. Don’t Face It

Don’t Face It
source: pinterest.com

Most living rooms are designed with two primary components: a TV and a couch facing it. But you can deviate from the norm. Place your sofas with the walls adjacent to the TV wall.

26. Use Corner Sofa

Use Corner Sofa
source: culturesouthwest.org.uk

You got a long space for a living room! You can avoid it turning into a corridor with a corner sofa.

27. Hide It between the Shelves

Hide It between the Shelves
source: pinterest.com

Shelves can add beauty to an already amazing living room. But you can also make them a component to steal the attention away from the TV.

Surround a small TV in the corner with built-in shelves covering the whole wall. This style is different from the entertainment center in the living room as it doesn’t make the TV center of attention.

28. Room Division

Room Division
source: pinterest.com

Use a room division to add another room of the house in your living space. This idea will be perfect for you if you have an extra room in the house and you want to add space to your living room.

Furnish both halves with different furniture, activities, and ambiance. One big part of this ambiance will be the presence of TV.

Mount the TV on the division between the two rooms and it will be available in one part while hidden from the other.

29. Use A Serving Hatch

Use a Serving Hatch
SOURCE: home-designing.com

A serving hatch between your kitchen and living room will not only add space to your tiny family area but will also connect the person in front of the stove with others sitting in the living room.

30. Focus on the Ambiance

Focus on the Ambiance
source: plantmaid.com

One great way to distract attention from the TV is to allow more attention-grabbing components to seep into your room.

These elements can be natural light, lots of plants besides the windows, and an indoor-outdoor living room.

31. Or Simply Add Ceiling Windows

Or Simply Add Ceiling Windows
source: modernize.com

Don’t say no to more light when you have a small space. This light will make your room look spacious.

32. Include Mirrors

Include Mirrors
source: apartmenttherapy.com

Mirrors make a small space look bigger. Cover the wall that faces the window and it will reflect the light as well.

33. Keep It Minimalist

Keep It Minimalist
source: homedit.com

You need a lounger, a couple of chairs, a loveseat, and lots of plants in your living room to make it complete. Right?


You can do well with a single loveseat for a small room.

34. Let the TV Stand

Let the TV Stand
source: walmart.com

You can bring back those days when TV used to stand on entertainment centers.

Ditch mounting it on the wall and stand it on a painted mid-century dresser. Furnish it with mini plants and art pieces.

35. Don’t Forget the Window Seat

Don’t Forget the Window Seat
source: elledecor.com

There is a lot of space to use.

36. Sliding TV on Window Seat

Sliding TV on Window Seat
source: pinterest.com

Those families who don’t like watching TV much can use this style. It uses the perfect corner of your living room – your window seat – and converts it into your TV display.

No, you aren’t losing out on your window space! The TV will only pull out of its hidden panel when you want to watch it.

37. Color Windows Bright

Color Windows Bright
source: decoist.com

Keep the attention on windows with bright colors that contrast with the neutral tones of the whole room.

38. A TV Nook

A TV Nook
source: grayhousestudio.com

It’s another idea to keep your attention on what matters most to you – your family time! Hideaway your TV by placing it in a corner built especially for it. Complete the nook with a cabinet beneath it and a shelf above it.

39. For A Tiny Space

For a Tiny Space
source: homedit.com

For those living rooms whose walls are replaced by windows and cupboards, this idea is perfect. Place the TV in the corner with an angle to both walls.

It will not be facing any wall but will be visible to most people in the living room.

40. Planters and Fireplace

source: realhomes.com

Add a fresh and naturalist vibe to your living room. Below its floating self, place lots of planters on one side and install a fireplace on the other.

You can resort to using plants only if your home doesn’t need a fireplace.

Take Away

Decorating a small living room is often more difficult than decorating a large one. You have to maximize the distance between the TV and its spectators.

Also, you have to create enough sitting space to cater to every member of the family.

Now, balance out all these concerns against the theme, ambiance, comfort, and activities you can do in the living room.

All these factors make renovating a small living room a daunting task. Use our small living room ideas with TV to navigate this tough job.

Best of luck!

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