Top 5 Tips to Make Small Room Feel Big

Having a big house with lots of space to fill is lovely I’m sure. But if like me your funds can only stretch to a more low-key accomodation, there is plenty you can do with the space you do have in order to make the most of what you’ve got.

Whilst you obviously can’t physically make a room bigger without some fairly major contruction work, if you follow a few simple tips it is possible to make even a small room seem much bigger and feel much more usable. So here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pick Light Hues and Soft Colors:

The easiest way to maximise the feeling of space in a room is to make sure that you let light bounce around and fill the space. Dark walls will quickly absorb any light and make a room feel much smaller, so tip 1 then is to break out the paint brushes!

This is a great tip because you can do it yourself and it is fairly cheap, but it can really push back the walls, make a house feel bigger, fresher and improve the value of your house at the same time!

Get space Efficient Furniture:

Firstly, if you don’t need the furniture, consider moving it to another, larger room. Your smallest rooms should use furniture sparingly to serve the purpose needed without taking up space unneccesarily.

Consider practical things too, such as whether a small chair-side table would be just as helpful as that large coffee table. If you can free up floor space and use smaller but functional seating you can make the room feel very spacious.

Make the Exterior Look Bigger:

This might sound odd, but if a house looks small from the outside people will automatically assume it is small inside too. By investing in things such as decking and lighter colored garage doors and by making sure your windows all match you can make the outside of your house appear bigger and more valuable too.

Let there Be Light:

Big windows are a big help, but if replacing your windows isn’t an option then replacing your curtains might be. Heavy curtains can darken a room and take up more space. Lighter curtains take up less space and let more light in. Alternatively, consider investing in blinds, these are very space efficient and can again leave more open space and a feeling of size.

Banish Your Clutter to the Garage or Shed:

If you are working with limited space, the last thing you need is excess stuff to fill it. Your smallest rooms should be the most clutter free. Be really ruthless and throw away what you don’t need.

Alternatively, if you can’t bare to lose it, hide it away behind the garage doors or in the garden shed where it can’t be seen…

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