Strikingly Beautiful Tekno Sliding Glass Doors For Your Home by Foaporte

Truly outstanding designer elements for your home – the Tekno sliding glass doors are from Foaporte. These unusual laminated, frosted glass doors are functional and fabulous! Attached to an external runner, they glide along glazed stainless steel poles. Tekno doors are sure to get noticed… guests will love their stylish, contemporary look. Your family will also appreciate them for their practicality… their glass construction allows light to stream through and keep your home bright. There are various decoration options – with a range of gorgeous sandblasted patterns. Or, if you prefer privacy, choose laminated colored glass or a two-sided mirror! You can choose from double of single sliding door versions according to your needs. Foaporte doors are strictly ‘made-to-measure’.

The easy operation complements the spare aesthetic: one notable advantage of a sliding door is the way its wall-hugging functionality saves space, which, as everybody knows is at a premium these days. And as the name might suggest, the Tekno line has a space-age aesthetic. The fine glass and no-nonsense steel puts me in mind of the ultra-modernism of Daniel Libeskind’s recent addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, or Zaha Hadid’s concept for the Regium Waterfront. Even so, Tekno’s elegant adornments and alterations to their glass-pane doors give some models a classical touch – the “POP – bronzo terra with grid” for example, tempts with an ochre sandblasted decoration that’s vaguely Moorish but still unquestionably contemporary.

Mostly that is laminated frosted or colored glass with glazed stainless steel technical elements. Some models also have sandblasted decorations on them. Single glass doors are very unusual addition which will serve great to any modern and/or minimalistic interior. They also are very practical if you want your rooms to be more bright and shiny because most of them pass the light. Foa Porte made the doors exclusively depending on size you need.

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