6 Must-Know Lawn Care Tips for 2023

Lawn care is tough but rewarding. If you want your lawn to look stunning, you need to understand the ins and outs of taking proper care of it. In 2023, the climate feels almost unpredictable, so being extra on top of taking care of your lawn is key. To help you on this lawn care journey, here are six must-know lawn care tips for 2023:

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1. Know When to Use Professionals

Calling in lawn care services provided by professionals is sometimes a must. After all, you do not want to damage your lawn due to improper lawn care practices, or a lack of knowledge. While many of the tips on this list are designed to keep you self-efficient with your lawn care, not all tasks can be safely and easily done by an amateur. Until you’re fully confident in your abilities, you should always leave the more delicate and difficult lawn care tasks to the lawn care professionals in your area.

2. Make Sure to Mow Intelligently

Denser grass makes a healthy lawn more resistant to weeds. With this in mind, knowing how to mow in an intelligent, and well-planned fashion is one of the most important lawn care tasks you’ll need to take on as a homeowner. Making the most of your lawn care equipment is always important. Only take about a third of an inch of the top of the grass off when you mow, and you’ll ensure that you’re not over-mowing. Set the height of your mower deck so that the grass is between two and a half, to three inches tall for ideal results. Taller grass aids in blocking the sunlight from weed seeds, preventing their germination, and saving you a ton of time during de-weeding sessions. Use correct mowing angles, and switch the direction you mow during each session to promote healthy grass growth. This promotes upright grass growth and prevents soil impaction. Keep the blades on your mower sharp as well, as repairing a damaged mower can become expensive fast.

3. Always Aerate Properly

Every season, you should check your grass to see if it needs aeration. Examine the roots in a one-square-foot area of your grass that has been dug up, and you’ll know that your lawn needs to be aerated if the roots aren’t two inches or deeper. Before aerating, be careful to hydrate the lawn for one to two days; otherwise, you could accidentally damage your lawn. To make the process safer, simpler, and more effective, consider using a core aerator. After the aeration process is finished, apply compost or sand to the entire grass, and you’ll ensure that your aeration efforts were done properly. For professional assistance with your lawn care needs, don’t hesitate to contact Heroes Lawn Care.

4. Use the Right Mulch

The best time to remove any leaves, twigs, or other trash from the winter is in the spring. Replace the mulch, edge your beds, and prune back any dried limbs on your bushes. Finding the right mulch for your particular lawn and soil is key, however. Determining which mulch product will best serve your lawn is difficult without foreknowledge, so be sure to consult a professional about what product will serve you best. The more time and effort you put into mulching, the healthier, and more luscious your lawn will become. This is an essential tip to follow if you want to blow your neighbors away with your yard’s appearance.

5. Learn to Weed Properly

Your grass will inevitably have a few weeds, no matter how hard you work to keep it weed-free. Weeds can be removed by hand, a hoe, a weeder, or another piece of useful lawn care equipment. Make sure to totally remove weeds, roots and all, during the de-weeding process. If there are lots of weeds, spray a herbicide on them directly or use a weed and feed product on the entire lawn. Doing so can ensure that you remove the weeds in a quicker, more efficient manner, after all. Sometimes, the height of your mower can affect your ability to de-weed your lawn properly.

6. Dethatching is Important

The matted buildup of organic waste that gathers between grass blades and roots is known as thatch. Your lawn may develop dead spots from thatch, which leaves room for weeds to grow. Search for thatch in your yard, and then quickly dethatch those areas to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. A power dethatcher or a thatching rake can be used to remove thatch. Dethatching recovery often takes a few weeks to complete properly, so never rush this crucial lawn care process.

Perfect Your Home’s Lawn

With these six tips, you can easily perfect your home’s lawn in 2023. Every time you go to perform lawn care tasks, you’ll further perfect your ability to do tasks efficiently. Even if you struggle at first, you’ll quickly become better over time, so be patient!

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