Bring Style to Your Bed Like a Fashion Designer

Designing a bed is much like stylishly dressing in fall and winter. We need to choose themes, accessories, colors, shades, brands and the perfect layering strategy for styling the bed. Playing it safe is boring when it comes to creative interior décor or personalized fashion, but before you get stated, quickly go through the following suggestions and ideas.

Choose between Complementing or Contrasting with the Room Decor

Not unlike how we dress up for the occasion, our bed should be dressed up with the surrounding room décor in mind. However, you must choose between complementing or contrasting your bed style with the room interiors. This is important because complementing and contrasting are two opposing concepts that do not generally work well together in fashion, unless you really know what you are doing.

If you wish for your bed styling to match, enhance and add a sense of completion to your bedroom’s interior décor, a complementary approach is ideal. If you see a beautiful, stylish bed somewhere that stands out in contrast to its surrounding décor without opposing it, you are looking at the results of contrasting bed styling done right.

Dress Your Bed Up in Layers

After deciding on the approach, it is time to layer the bed accordingly. There are several different ways to do it, but we have a classic, step-by-step guide, which should help you:

  • Cover your mattress with a fitted, freshly laundered sheet, preferably one made from Egyptian cotton
  • Make sure that the wrong side is facing up (the stitched, coarser side), and neatly tuck the sheet under your mattress
  • Lay your first duvet or blanket (depending on the weather), covering the top half of your bed
  • Use another duvet or blanket to cover the lower half but do make sure there is a small gap between the two
  • To find the perfect middle ground between blankets and duvets, try using designer throws instead
  • Place a neatly folded coverlet in the gap, ensuring that it is covering a bit of the duvets, blankets and throws
  • Pull the tucked-in parts of your sheet from under the mattress, and then fold it over the duvets
  • If you are using a designer blanket or two, do not cover them up with the sheet
  • When you are only using one duvet, you can simply put another clean, pressed sheet on top of the duvet, with its right side up

Add Accent with Designer Pillow Covers

Even the most stylishly designed and layered bed in the world won’t be complete or comfortable without suitable pillows on them. Try to:

  • Choose designer pillow covers that complement or contrast with the rest of your bed’s design.
  • Arrange pillows in such a way that they do not end up hiding your careful designs underneath them
  • Also, you might want to follow a definite and discernible pattern while arranging them, or it will just end up looking messy

To find the designer blanket collections, designer pillow covers, designer throws and everything else you might need to layer your bed like a pro, check the curated selection of designer textiles available at SSENSE. Their choice assortment of designer beddings and toiletries (designer towel, door mat and bathrobe collections) only includes exclusive products from brands such as Versace, Marc Jacobs and Stüssy, among others.

Although the initial choice is to be made regarding whether the bed should complement or contrast the bedroom décor, that is not the only scope for using either of the two effects. For example, the layers on your bed can match each other to maintain a recognizable pattern in classic designs and darker shades in between them. Create a catchy contrast by adding pillows that sport contemporary, colorful and bright designer pillow covers. If that does not work for you, all you need to do is fit your pillows into something more akin to the layers.

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