Stylish Dwelling House By Japanese Architects

Architecture of a unique home aims to develop casual and permanent relations with the external environment. The house, which has four smooth “wing”, was the most expressive object surrounding urban landscape. General shape of the minimalist structures define two intersecting axes that dictate the direction of the internal spatial organization. Living room, kitchen and bathroom are on the short vertical axis, and bedroom, and a room with tatami mats – to perpendicular to it, the “background” axis. Simple and sincere interiors devoid of decoration. The concept of environment is built on the contrast of raw concrete and dark-brown wood from which the furniture is made and some elements of domestic architecture.

Concrete constructive building contrasts with large glass surfaces of glazing. That glass creates a sense of the external and internal, as in the daytime and at night. True, it is not clear how the inhabitants of the house will be able to achieve privacy of his own life. But this, as they say, is another story that can not stop us pay tribute to the overall concept of the modern Japanese homes, the building area of ​​which amounted to 145.31 square meters.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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