With July being the peak of summer, it brings lots of jobs that are required to keep the garden looking its best. Summer is a season for dining AL fresco, sunbathing and spending quality time in the beautiful fresh air, so you want your garden to be accommodating and ready for the months ahead. From lawn maintenance to ensuring your outdoor furniture is in the best condition, the following post goes into detail on the different jobs you can do around the garden this summer to help you utilize the space you have.

Lawn Maintenance

Keeping on top of the condition of your lawn is crucial during the summer months. From managing the length of the grass, to keeping a fresh, green color, certain maintenance tips can help you to ensure your grass looks fresh and attractive during the warmer weather. Start by creating a schedule, that includes a little extra maintenance for your lawn to ensure it’s kept in the best condition. Include tasks such as cutting the lawn, frequently cleaning up rubbish or pet waste, fertilizing the grass and removing any pesky weeds as and when they appear. These simple jobs will make a huge difference to the condition of your lawn and keep it looking fresh for weeks.

Clean the Greenhouse

During the summer, the warmer, dryer weather gives you the opportunity to thoroughly clean your greenhouse from top to bottom, without having to worry about the wet weather getting in the way. Whether it’s cleaning the windows and flooring, to emptying out your storage and rearranging everything so it’s in its rightful place, you’ll be amazed how much a good clean of your greenhouse will help with projects in summer and through the autumn and winter. Take a look online at trusted greenhouse suppliers like Two Wests to find the best products you need to help get the job done.

Prepare Plants

The plants in your garden help to create a beautiful aesthetic with both color and fragrance to enhance your outdoor space. In order to maintain this and keep your garden looking and smelling lovely, you need to keep on top of your plants and make sure they’re growing in the right conditions. Check your plants for any dead heads, weeds and damaged soil to remove anything unwanted that could stunt your plants growth. Do your research and find out which of your plants thrive through each season, so that you know exactly what to do with each when the time comes. If you’re unsure, RHS have lots of useful guides and advice on their website to help gardeners keep their outdoor spaces growing properly.

Outdoor Furniture

Dining alfresco is a great way to enjoy the comfort of your own garden, but it’s not as easily done when the furniture is in bad condition. Winter can cause a lot of outdoor furniture to become rusty and dirty, so now is a great time to take a look at the furniture you have and give it a thorough clean or replace it if needed. You want your outdoor space to be accommodating and welcoming and comfortable, so ensuring everything is in the best condition is a huge benefit.

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