Author of the project, the designer Judson Beaumont , a seat designed so that the form is no different from the usual, classic chairs, but also served as a secluded storage for a variety of things. The fact that the “bottom” of this chair is absolutely hollow, and is a sort of shelf that can be completed in its sole discretion. So, at this makeshift shelf can arrange toys or books, crafts, or magazines, store in slippers, chargers and remote controls on household appliances In addition, given that the “store” in the chair does not close the door, the cavity can be filled and decorative objects such as artificial flowers and garlands, well, or left to the pet – they suddenly oblyubuyut yourself this new house to sleep. By the way, here’s the curious thing: usually they say that things are close at hand, while inside the store chairs Hollow Chair they will be formally placed under their feet.

High in the mountains not far from the English, you can see an unusual sight, made of metal pipes. This is a amazing singing tree, which always sings when the wind blows. This tree has a height of more than 3 meters. Pipe twisted in a spiral, thus making the tree more spectacular view. The sound is always changing, because the pipes are reduced to the base of the tree-body.

In a small picturesque valley of Flims in Switzerland is conveniently located and hosts world’s first three PodHotel PodHouses. The hotel management is considering a full-extension due to the huge influx of skiing. Until the end of the season all the rooms already booked. Untouched alpine nature of Switzerland retained for centuries. The country’s authorities are trying to continue to protect the landscape and create a universal model for development of tourism with the lowest environmental impact.

Timmelsjoch Experience – sculptural and functional composition, which is located on the border of the Ötztal Alps and Passeier lying in the beautiful Alps of Austria and Italy – the result of the architectural studio of Werner Tscholl Architects.The structure consists of two parts – a private museum and an open observation deck. The architecture of the museum, which resembles a huge boulder, seeks to harmoniously integrate into the rocky landscape, while the design as a viewing platform explicitly talks about his man-made origin.

Idaho will be a godsend for fans to travel to America. Among the amazing flora and fauna you can enjoy visiting national parks.The hotel, known as the Dog Bark Park Inn, which means “barking dog hotel” will give fans of unusual excitement interior and exterior hotel. Otel located in north central Idaho in Cottonwood. The famous symbol of the state – hound – has found its reflection in the construction of amenities in the form of the building looks like a great monument gonchey.

Most of us see our homes as our own personal sanctuaries. Home is a place where you can let loose, be yourself, and walk around in your underwear whenever you please. But for people who live in glass houses, home is more like a fish tank. While some of these glass houses seem impractical for everyday living, others serve a very real purpose. Greenhouses are constructed of glass to harness the power of the sun for growing plants. Whether they are meant for people or for plants, these houses made of glass are visually stunning.

Design projects, the French designer Matali Crassus sometimes can not be described simply furnished. The girl is so fond of playing with form and space that many of her works resemble installations, decorations for the interior. So, we’ve once written about her lamp system, “luminous jungle”, which received the art furnishings for the hall or lounge room. Today Matali working on a more “earthly” project, a sofa Dynamic Life, which is designed for young and active consumers, and is commissioned by Campeggi.

Modern and comfortable environment inside the van, along with all necessary for a fulfilled life in terms of travel, provides telephone services and wireless internet. The mobile house for family trips has developed a Spanish studio Waskman Design Studio commissioned by Vodafone – one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies.
Currently, this “easy” in the literal and figurative senses of the house on wheels, equipped with solar panels, the family travels blogger Marcos Morales.

Mobile structure length of 6 meters and a width of 2.5 m m, made of white polyethylene and transparent polycarbonate. Construction height of 3.85 meters and is divided into two full floors. The living area, kitchen and comfortable fit compactly on the first level and second floor bedroom occupied.

Furnishing a house on wheels is very simple, but not devoid of style. White, visually enlarges a small room, diluted with warm natural wood in the form of floorboards on the floor, as well as some pieces of furniture and finishes.

Despite the fact that the house is virtually transparent and open to the gaze of curious sights, bedroom area, located on the second level, yet maintain the confidentiality of the lives of its inhabitants.

When I was a nipper my brother and I had a tree house nestling in between some ash trees. It wasn’t large but it was exciting – our own home high in the foliage. A bit like this, I’m sure you’ll know the type.

I suppose we were inspired by the Ewoks. Fast forward a good twenty years and we live in ‘respectable’ houses. But what if we could live in houses like these guys…?

German company Baumraum  makes specially tailored tree houses to specific requirements of the potential customer. A far cry from the hastily knocked together wooden planks most kids are used to. These will set you back up to £100k and come with features like iPod docks, heating and plumbing.

Not to be outdone, British company Blue Forest also aims for the high end market and comes out with gorgeous designs like these:

All countries are seemingly after the upper class tree house market. Take French company La Cabane Perchée  Designed by Daniel Dafour and needing a rather tall ladder. Sticking with an environmental theme, these buildings often come with solar panels for green power.

Wanting something a little more rustic and down to earth? Well, not literally down to earth of course. This one is set among a mature stand including Scots Pine and comes with a hint of luxury but nothing too fancy.

One of my favourite designs comes from architect Tom Chudleigh who created the Free Spirit Spheres. These wonderful cedar constructions have an eerie otherworldly look to them.

Oriental lanterns such as those traditional Chinese and Japanese affairs inspired Lukasz Kos to design this stunning structure with the dramatic use of light. Attached to four mature trees he calls it  the 4TreeHouse.

But homes are for living in, not just to be design spectacles. The Wilkinson residence in Portland, Oregon took 7 years to build and is my kind of tree house. Robert Oshatz, the architect, says ‘A lover of music, the client wanted a house that not only became part of the natural landscape but also addressed the flow of music.’ Well, I’m not sure about all that but it sure looks good.

Is this a shed high in the air? With a dizzying spiral staircase this arboreal house harks back to a more traditional idea of the tree house. Where is the electric shower, this is what i want to know?

So far I’ve always thought of tree houses having to be made of wood; it just seems right doesn’t it? Well, Andreas Wenning of Baumraum fame has kept wood for decorative interior panelling and left the exterior structure of this Jawa Sandcrawler lookalike to be made of weathered steel.

And I couldn’t finish without including this sculptural beauty found in Japan. Outstanding.

Talk about cheap bathrooms, all those leaves give me an idea. Anyway i’m off to collect some branches and build myself a home, cheaper than rent in London.

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