Google Office


This office is all about fun: it has a lot of specially decorated rooms in which employees can do their work. s even a game room for relaxation and a gym where you can work out. Seeing such offices makes you wish you were working for Google. They have everything a person needs in there and even more. They have massage chairs, slides, pool tables and other games, private cabins and much more. These photos are from Google office in Zurich.
We all know how Google  pampers its employees with lavish office environment and all kinds of facilities and these are a set of photos inside the Google building in Zurich, Switzerland from Picasa. Bathtubs where you can sit and relax while watching an aquarium, a hallway slide, peculiar meeting rooms makes you envious with awe for those who can work in the Google workplace.
Google really are showing the way with how to run a business in the 21st Century!

As we’ve shown before, Google  offices are typically some of the most extravagant, fun, and energizing spaces seen in today’s work world. Their Toronto office, while not as large or sprawling as their Mountainview, Zurich or Stockholm offices, it is still of the same flavor and spirit.

You of course see their famous cafeteria areas that boast free employee meals, and a wonderful play area complete with foosball, video games, and upside-down umbrellas. The workstations as cubes, but not so high as to feel trapped or isolated. Google employees also are very skilled at making their work spaces their own, though not quite as good as Zappos employees. The office also features many recycled elements from the doors and other wooden features, to the Google logo that is sprawling along the ceiling.
Naturally, the office is colorful, complete with the live search screen, but the space also has some elements that bring Canada’s culture into the office like their old chairs from the Montreal Forum.
Other areas include a games room, a library in the style of an English country house and an aquarium where over-worked Googlers can lie in a bath full of red foam and stare at fish.Google is keen to present itself as the company that ‘does no evil’ and ‘puts users first’, statements that are becoming more challenged as the company becomes ever more powerful.

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