This retired Soviet aircraft carrier “Kiev” was completely transformed into a luxury hotel in China. Now families can relax in this hunk of steel while checking out all of its weaponry and entertaining capture the pirate water show. In 1996 she was sold to a Chinese company, and has been part of Binhai Aircraft Park, a military theme park in Tianjin since 1 May 2004. In August 2011, the ex-Kiev began welcoming guests as its new role as a luxury hotel after a multimillion dollar refit.

Hello Kitty – a well-known character of Japanese pop culture, a little white kitten. She came up with employees of the company Sanrio in 1974. Brand Hello Kitty was incorporated in 1976 and is now used as a brand for many products. We offer a look at the restaurant, amusement park, hotel and even a maternity hospital of the brand. According to information provided by management, the restaurant is so popular that often reserves a place in it for several weeks. There is even a hospital, decorated in the style of Hello Kitty.

Idaho will be a godsend for fans to travel to America. Among the amazing flora and fauna you can enjoy visiting national parks.The hotel, known as the Dog Bark Park Inn, which means “barking dog hotel” will give fans of unusual excitement interior and exterior hotel. Otel located in north central Idaho in Cottonwood. The famous symbol of the state – hound – has found its reflection in the construction of amenities in the form of the building looks like a great monument gonchey.

Car Lovers

For car lovers, V8 hotel is the ultimate destination. This unique hotel is entirely designed with car models and automobile parts. Even the beds in the rooms are created out of various real car models, while the room interiors have fancy automobile related décor.

car lovers

The hotel includes 34 rooms, each having distinctive home interior. Rooms are primarily divided into 5 distinct categories, namely Double Room, Single Room, Family Room, Zeppelin-Suite and Theme Base Room.  Among all Zeppelin-Suite tends to be the most costly, since it includes a bed designed from a real Ferrari car. Others cars used for beds are Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Morris Minor and so on.

The hotel was inaugurated in the year 2009 and is situated in Stuttgart, Germany, at Wolfgang Brumme Alle. This automotive boutique hotel is matchless, artistic and also attention-grabbing.

Hotel Blues Point Hotel, designed by Australian architectural studio Carter Williamson Architects, provides a perfect holiday for a stylish outdoor terrace, which not only creates a cozy confidential “jazzy” atmosphere for their visitors, but also delicately worried about the comfort of pedestrians and residents of neighboring houses. Operate on the territory of the terrace pub and lounge with comfortable seats and tables arranged around the perimeter of the high wall, fluid and changing in space as a dynamic jazz composition. This sinuous architectural element provides good sound insulation and hides on the views of what is happening on both sides of himself.

Loud music, laughter and talk – all that remains inside the institution, visitors who, in turn, are protected from the sounds of a passing car and other manifestations of life of the megalopolis.  Visually, the modern design of the wall partially responds to the beautiful curves of Art Deco style, in Kotormo decorated hotel. However, this elegant gesture, resonating with the musical thrust of establishments, absolutely devoid of conservatism and traditionalism.

The territory of the terraces penetrate only the sky and greens of tall trees that grow over a winding, lined with wooden slats wall with narrow vertical holes overlooking the sunlight and the outside world in the form of a random “frame slicing. What else you need to relax over lunch on a summer day or spend a pleasant evening with friends?

Creative adventurous design a new hotel Hotel Indigo, located in a respectable and colorful areas of the two adjoining districts of Shanghai – the colonial Bund and modern Pudong, invites visitors into a fascinating adventure. For the first time crossed the threshold of this institution, it is difficult to assume which of the “world” end up in the next minute …

Each of the 180 rooms of the unique hotel with experts from the architectural studio Hirsch Bedner Associates, equipped with four poster bed, decorated with bright lights, original furnishings, many pillows with Chinese motifs and Desktop featuring traditional Chinese landscapes.

At the same time, comfortable stay with a book or total relaxation in the unusual situation provided everywhere – from bedroom to bathroom with tall windows, opening gaze spectacular Shanghai skyline. Eclectic and design of private apartments and public areas combining minimalism, modern, futuristic shapes, and many recognizable elements of Chinese culture.

It combines luxury, comfort and at the same time, some sort of “home” simplicity sudden realization of creative ideas. Expensive materials and decor elements are combined with unpretentious decorating techniques in the form of murals depicting the busy streets of the district in which the hotel is located. Green spaces are alternated with psychedelic mural and organic, fluid forms of furniture that is integrated into the walls of the room.

A brand new hotel has opened in Madrid’s city center made entirely of waste, according to the Agence France Presse. The walls of the Beach Garbage Hotel, the brainchild of German artist Ha Schult, is made of materials found in landfills, the beaches and even flea markets. The five-room hotel, located in Plaza de Callao, was constructed to coincide with the annual International Tourism Fair held in Madrid.

The five-room hotel contains roughly 12 tons of garbage, including fishing nets, plastic bags, skateboards, clothing, old tires, and even a mannequin’s leg. The guest rooms are very simple and basic, with leaking roofs and torn sheets acting as curtains, but they do boast real furniture. The toilets are eco-friendly chemical commodes, and forget about washing off the day’s grime in this hotel: there are no showers.

The project is meant to show that, unless we make some major changes to the way we treat the world’s beaches, we will one day be surrounded by garbage wherever we go. In the words of Schult, “we create rubbish and we become rubbish. We must change the world before the world changes us.”

Chicken Point Cabin – surprisingly harmonious modern hotel with original architecture and iconic elements, combining function and aesthetics of the original. The authors of the “forest” of the project was already known to us American architectural studio Olson Kundig Architects.Unusual cozy house located in a scenic area of Northern Idaho. According to the architects, the main idea of the construction of Chicken Point Cabin was the creation of a cozy romantic forest refuge with large panoramic “lined with” a window opening out into the surrounding house magnificent nature.

A large window offers two tiers of windows, all the main room hotel, combining it with the forest, located near the lake and the mountain tops, trailing the horizon line. Materials of construction – concrete blocks and floors, metal, wood and plywood – have been left in its natural, almost raw state. This solution reduces the cost of building and formed a natural “forest” environment, which over time will become even more charisma, a little old and Get a gossamer …

Technology, through which opens a “window into the horizon, is formed from a visually expressive system of pulleys, the culmination of which is the union of interior and picturesque scenery.

In addition to the elements of an unusual system of opening the massive windows in the house there are several design objects that attract attention and create a unique creative environment that does not “enter into a dispute with the surrounding nature of the house.

Private apartments are located on the second level, also provide an opportunity to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets over the beautiful mountain lake, not even getting out of bed.

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