Les Aventuriers


Creative wooden house design architectural design in Tokyo – Japan which can be our design inspiration. The best sample pictures gallery display below is modern, home improvements, contemporary house interior and house exterior decorating ideas by Hirayama Shun Architecture. The residence is a house called “Les aventuriers” provides a blueprint for Hirayama Shun Architecture, is a hillside residence located in Kanagawa Prefecture, an area with beautiful natural surroundings.

The home owners wanted a quiet house to be integrated in a natural environment. However, when it comes to design and architecture, the land was not so peaceful. House is built on a slope, which means they are the angled walls and ceilings of different heights. We liked the home design concept developed by the project developers as it provides a unique interpretation of the overall design. The route connects the inside and outside, and again back into the interior like a dead end. The path connects the inside and the outside, and again backs to the inside without a dead-end. A bridge becomes a part of the journey. On the finishes of the floors, various kinds of wooden floor that were chosen to match the assorted atmosphere are laid like carpets. In the center of a concrete floor that meets the ground, thin trees are arranged so as to look like a path between rice paddies.In the interior of the building that was shaped to fit the landform, walls set in diverse angles, various ceiling heights and ten different floor levels exist and in the each space dissimilar shades live. The wind that enters inside the one-room interior space feels like they came between trees, and it feels like sitting on a natural stump, when sitting on a slight level difference.

Japanese modern house famous architect Shun Hirayama has finished his latest creation a home improvements designed he has done. This architect has designed the “Les Aventuriers” house in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. The theme of the architect designing this house actually based on the owners will to have such a modern Japanese house architecture that divided into four living places were formed: a kitchen and a dining space near a road that becomes an approach, a living space at a good view point, bedrooms at positions to look out the hill, a bathroom at an airy location, and so on.

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