In the modern interior living room, bedroom or office, there is always room for a small piece, and even for a few pieces of sweet pastry. So, probably, have decided in the Japanese studio Mizmiz Design, and hence showcased Tokyo design week 2011 a draft of the original table on Cake Table. The triangular shape of the table design alludes to a piece of cake, cut a huge knife from a large, whole dessert.

The Globevill Office building, which houses the marketing and sales functions, offers an opportunity to create an architecture that has the potential to define an interesting building that would evoke curiosity from the highway. The project is located along a section of the highway gently bending north in Sriperumbudur, Chennai, India. The design was conceived as a physical experience, drawing from the arc off the highway, and rising up to the actual building which then extends back into the highway. The architectural intent is to create a building which appears to be in constant motion, complimented by the unending flow of spaces. ArchitectureRED built this iconic office building for their client ETA Star Properties.

If you spend most of your working hours in your office then you know that to make it more pleasant the office environment needs to step beyond the formal setting. It needs to be decorated into a comfortable abode where you can spend long hours and the employees are easily rejuvenated for better productivity. Make your office space bright and rejuvenating with vibrant colors like Your desk and chair should be at the focal point of the room and keep your room as tidy and clutter free as possible for a functional and stress-free environment. Use cabinets, shelves and catalogues for keeping your files and organising your paperwork.

Adding some greenery to your office can be very refreshing. You can keep a few potted plants at a place where natural light is available or even artificial plants can add color to your surroundings.
Another way of inviting the tranquility of natural environment into your office is by keeping water in the form of fountains, aquariums, fishwater tank or a saltwater tank. These can be displayed in the seating area where the mellow sound of the water trickling can be a peaceful retreat from stress.

Rearrange your art and displays into groups of threes and fives as they look quite attractive in odd numbers. You don’t need to spend grands on buying art, just reorganising your collection can change the look of your room.
Changing the frames of your existing art would bring about an immense difference; almost as good as changing the art itself, and it would be much cheaper as well.
If you’re setting up a new office then adding a large painting to your main wall is a great idea as it adds character to your office. Contemporary paintings and modern art are well suited for office decors.

White Mountain Office by Albert France Lanord Architects  is easily one of the most amazing offices we have ever seen in the world.  White Mountain Office is home to a Swedish ISP , an internet provider and the rock shelter hosts server halls and offices, 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm.  The space was once used as an anti-atomic shelter, intended to provide an escape from atomic blasts and the resulting fallout.  In 2008, Albert France Lanord Architects rehabbed the 4,000 square foot shelter to become the home of Bahnhof AB data center and office.  The project takes place in a former anti-atomic shelter. An amazing location down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm. The client is an internet provider and the rock shelter will host server halls and offices. The starting point of the project was to consider the rock as a living organism.

Albert France-Lanord Architects have designed stunning offices for the Swedish ISP, Bahnhof.  The Date Centre/Office location is around 30m underground and was a former anti-atomic shelter. White Mountain is easily one of the most amazing offices in the world, with a distinctly “Bondesque” feel.  As far as power supplies go, Bahnhof kept to the Cold War theme and installed diesel engines that where originally designed for submarines and, just for fun, also installed the warning system of sound-horns from an original German submarine.

Dutch designer Tim Vinke has created a mobile office made up of a desk and two chairs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle to form a trolley. Called Kruikantoor, the piece is made from light-weight foam and equipped with wheels. It can be swiftly packed up, transported and set up somewhere else. The portable unit also includes a light, storage and electricity connection.
The ‘Kruikantoor; exists out of 2 chairs, a table, light, electricity connection and storage space.  The object is crafted from EPS Foam, covered with a coating existing of polyurea hotspray. Another interesting and creative idea.

The East Village Studio designed by JPDA architect is really make a big impression on its statement. The apartment located only 46 square meters and was built as a little nest for the owners who also work here. You probably wonder how this was possible.  The wood gives this home its warmth which is “intensified” by the friendly vegetation pots spread around the open studio.  The uncommon crib houses ingenious solutions that counterweight the lack of space.
It has all the utilities a common looking contemporary home has and dare we say a lot more. This original crib has storage space and shelves in the most unusual and unexpected places, reducing clutter and contributing to a clean and fresh interior design. While the footprint of the apartment is minimal, meticulously detailed millwork conceals extensive amounts of storage and shelving; thereby maximizing floor space. The aesthetic is clean and concise, while providing the warmth of a home and functional desires of the client.

Space maximization is a growing trend lately in apartment design. Countries like China make enormous efforts to come up with ideas for small places due to the fact that their urban population is increasing at a rate never encountered before. Here is another tiny crib that manages to maximize space and create a cozy living environment as well.

Economy, functionality and privacy were the primary drivers in the design of this sixth floor home office studio. Meticulously detailed millwork provides ample storage, making this small-footprint apartment extremely efficient. A bedroom loft creates space for a roomy walk-in closet below, while stair risers conceal a series of built-in drawers. Every inch of the space has been effectively exploited. JPDA worked closely with the client and a demanding co-op board through every stage of the design process. The result is modern, clean, and concise, providing both the warmth of a home and all the functional requirements of an office.

The modern building architecture design from Vitus Bering Innovation Park designed by C. F. Møller Architects can be perfect inspiration for us to create our dream construction design. Amazing and innovative office designs idea with luxury minimalist interior decorating design. This modern office architectural built in 1970 which is the campus of University College Vitus Bering located in Horsens, Denmark. The creative Innovation building is planned to sit on a brick base that is a direct continuation of the existing complex’ structural design, but from there on it is distinctly different and unique. The basic floor plan of the building is a simple and flexible layout, to allow the integration of numerous uses and adaptations. The large and dynamic green stairway element leads to common meeting facilities and a roof terrace with a beautiful view of the Horsens Fjord. The stairs land in a different position on each level, thus activating the entire atrium as the central hub of the building. The atrium is covered by a dynamic, diagonally split roof-plane with circular skylights, of which one half forms the common roof terrace.

The Vitus Bering Innovation Park is an office complex located in Horsens, Denmark and it was designed by C. F. Møller Architects. This office building has spiral shape that reflects the building’s dynamic and innovative character. The movement can be seen on the facades by the glazing strips that stretch towards the sky across the six storeys of the building. Inside the building, the main staircase in green fibre cement runs in a spiral form between the storeys in the unifying internal atrium. This energy efficiency can be achieved by highly insulating windows and extra insulation on all of the building’s external surfaces. The building’s intelligent air conditioning system is also taking an important role in low energy consumption. The air conditioning system adjusts itself according to the number of people present in each individual room.

Spanish architecture firm Selgas Cano  has designed their own office in the middle of the forest. Imagine all the fresh air and peace you can get while watching birds and wild creatures. The office is provided by a weighted pulley mechanism at one end of the tunnel that allows varying degrees of natural ventilation.
The Selgas Cano Architecture office, designed by Iwan Baan, makes you feel like a part of nature. Thanks to the fact that the office is below ground level and the huge windows, you really feel encapsulated by plants and trees. This looks like a really peaceful environment that stimulates creativity.

If you’re a friend of the forest, it’s hard to imagine a better office environment than the one that architectural firm, Selgas Cano, recently built to work out of, in Madrid. It’s really not much more than a tube, sunken into the ground, with a long window on one side. But as with any good architecture, a little goes a long way: Sinking the building into the ground is an ancient strategy to improve building insulation; Inside, the recessed floors make it seem as if you’re completely immersed in the woods, when you’re looking up. Here are some stellar photographs by Iwan Baan, who’s one of today’s preeminent architecture photographers:
It is sleek with minimalistic furniture but creates quite a visual impact with it colours and use of environment. Working here would surely make you will feel like you are away from a busy life. Personally I would rate this as a top notch creative work environment.
Iwan Baan is a Dutch architectural photographer.  He has challenged a long-standing tradition of depicting buildings as static by using structures as backdrops for people and other elements of everyday life. He has photographed buildings by many of the world’s most prominent architects, including Rem Koolhaas and Toyo Ito. He is among the world’s most published architectural photographers.

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