As you know, in the southern hemisphere the opposite is true: in the winter – summer in the new year – hot, people walk upside down, and the water flows down a drain, twisting counterclockwise. All these oddities are complemented by the fact that they house plants are planted too contrary – rhizome up and flourishing part down. Such a system of flower pots, called Sky Planter came up with designer Patrick Morris  from the company Boskke, which is located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Perched on a converted 19th-century Tribeca warehouse, this five-story glass house may look like it landed during a freak storm. In fact, it was more of a freak development move, which left an empty frame on the rooftop of 60 Warren Street until some artistic owners fixed it up with a shimmering white chandelier and a mosaic of Napoleon behind the tub. Now owned by retired tchotchke-maker Edward Bazinet, it’s got all the comforts of a $28 million home—including, according to the Sotheby’s listing, seven bedrooms, three terraces, a full-floor master suite and a rooftop gym.

A large bedroom chamber has a fireplace and windows that open to a another wide, west facing terrace. In addition to the sky lit dressing room that separates the bedroom area from the dual poopers, the children will take note of the dee-voon  and well conceived “luggage” storage room. We should all be so lucky to have a separate closet to store our luggage. The identically sized and fitted his and his poopers share a party sized shower.

Edward Bazinet, a retired businessman, has listed his beautiful Tribeca apartment. While Bazinet made his fortune in selling tchotkes  his apartment is a beautiful showcase of modern design. The 19-room unit has just two bedrooms but is spread out over five floors. What would be more bedrooms has been converted into a “work zone” with a reception gallery, office, studio space, study and storage room. The home also has three terraces plus a private roof garden. The master suite takes up a full floor and has a fireplace, bathrooms, skylit walk-in closet, a separate Jacuzzi room and a terrace. The kitchen has an adjacent breakfast room with a fireplace. Other features include 1,000-bottle wine storage, rooftop home gym, a stainless steel/glass staircase and private elevator connecting the floors. One of the most interesting floors is the media room which has a library and a large reading room. This apartment is listed at $28 million by Stephen McRae of Sotheby’s Homes.

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