Hotel Blues Point Hotel, designed by Australian architectural studio Carter Williamson Architects, provides a perfect holiday for a stylish outdoor terrace, which not only creates a cozy confidential “jazzy” atmosphere for their visitors, but also delicately worried about the comfort of pedestrians and residents of neighboring houses. Operate on the territory of the terrace pub and lounge with comfortable seats and tables arranged around the perimeter of the high wall, fluid and changing in space as a dynamic jazz composition. This sinuous architectural element provides good sound insulation and hides on the views of what is happening on both sides of himself.

Loud music, laughter and talk – all that remains inside the institution, visitors who, in turn, are protected from the sounds of a passing car and other manifestations of life of the megalopolis.  Visually, the modern design of the wall partially responds to the beautiful curves of Art Deco style, in Kotormo decorated hotel. However, this elegant gesture, resonating with the musical thrust of establishments, absolutely devoid of conservatism and traditionalism.

The territory of the terraces penetrate only the sky and greens of tall trees that grow over a winding, lined with wooden slats wall with narrow vertical holes overlooking the sunlight and the outside world in the form of a random “frame slicing. What else you need to relax over lunch on a summer day or spend a pleasant evening with friends?

Gardens are a perfect place for you to refresh your mind and soul. It really brings you peace and serenity with the nature’s entire beauty –flowers, plants, water, and wind. There is no doubt that gardens make a home beautiful. If you are planning to decorate your garden but don’t know how to do it, I might have some tips for you. And I hope this information will be helpful to you the way it has helped me decorate my own garden. If you like spending your time outdoors in the midst of nature and you have always dreamed of transforming that rooftop of yours into a wonderland then you’ve got to get some ideas rolling. To create a terrace garden requires planning in advance and some hardwork.

Plan your terrace décor according to the surrounding environment and the climate of your place. If your building is surrounded by tall buildings around it, you would have to screen off your terrace for privacy. You can have a partially covered terrace for using it during rains. There’s a variety of material to choose from for the flooring – cement, smooth turf, flagstones, hollow clay building tiles, redwood or cypress blocks and un-mortared brick. Burnt bricks are preferred as they don’t turn into mud like normal bricks due to drainage. Spread a wire mesh over the bricks before pouring the soil. To ensure proper drainage, the floor should be slopy and it should have drainage chambers with pipes at various points leading to the main drainage pipe.

When choosing terrace garden plants you should keep in mind that they don’t have a tap root system which will grow deep into the building. Instead use fibrous root plants. The growing soil for plants should be rich in soil rite or peat moss. You can grow plants like Indian bamboo, palms, money plant, peach, lime and orange in big pots or planters. Cacti are also a good choice as they are low-maintenace. To add class and color to your terrace garden add flowering plants like sunflower, roses, orchids, chrysanthemum, etc. Bonsais are adorable and take up less space. You can make your own little vegetable garden with plants like tomato, curry leaves, brinjals, basil, etc. You can also put a small waterfall or a fountain by the corner. Plant on in your multipurpose terrace garden as you absorb the beauty and serenity around you.

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