When most homeowners think of built-in furniture, bookshelves and cleverly disguised storage spaces come to mind. The truth is the sky’s the limit when it comes these space saving designs. Kitchen nooks, beds, built in desks, and entertainment centers are just a few of the innovations that built in furniture can bring to your home. If you’ve got a nook, cranny or even an entire wall that you’d like to transform into a more useful space, there’s a craftsman out there who can help you turn your dream into reality.

Saving Space
Perhaps the most attractive feature of this innovative furniture is how it utilizes space that normal building practices ignore. Your home is full of underutilized space: between walls, rooms, beneath stairs, under beds, around the fireplace, you name it. It’s understandable, of course. For the unenlightened homeowner, the idea of adding stand alone furniture to these areas just means more clutter and less living space. The beauty of built-in furniture, however, is that it takes advantage of these overlooked spaces and transforms them into valuable areas in the home without drastically taking away from the open space that you value and enjoy.

Not Just For Cramped Quarters
Built in furniture is often assumed to be better suited to small houses or cramped apartments where space is at a premium. Nothing could be further from the truth. These innovative furniture solutions are a beautiful addition to any home, and who wouldn’t appreciate a finely crafted furniture addition that adds both beauty and functionality to any living area?

Not Cheap Additions, Either
The other misconception concerning this type of home improvement project is that it’s a cheap way to fill up space that isn’t being used. While building in furniture certainly takes advantage of space that traditional building methods overlook, it’s by no means a clumsy or unattractive use of space. In fact, if you’re willing to hire a master craftsman, your new built in desk, bed, kitchen nook, or cabinetry can be just as beautiful as anything built by a quality custom furniture maker. Not only will your new addition turn heads because of its creative use of space, but it’ll bask in its own beauty as well.


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