How To Avoid Ticks Bite Prevention

Ticks are parasitic arachnids that can be really harmful to humans. Ticks carry harmful pathogens that can cause a range of sicknesses and diseases in humans. Ticks usually transmit these diseases to humans through bites. Some of these diseases include Lyme, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, as well as Powassan virus disease. Due to the harmful nature of ticks, it is best to prevent their bites. In this article, we have highlighted useful ticks bite prevention tips.

Five Tips To Prevent Ticks Bites

With the right tips, you can avoid coming in contact with ticks. Below are five tips to help you prevent tick bites. Click here to find more about ticks.


Stay Away From Areas With Ticks: Ticks are commonly found in areas with grass as well as moist woods and shady environments. Walking in areas like this will only expose you to ticks, so it is best to stay away. If you are walking in the woods, stay on the clear trails without walking on the grassy areas. Also, watch areas where you go hiking. Avoid hiking on paths with leaf litter or tall grass.

Appropriate Clothing: Wearing appropriate clothing goes a long way in ensuring your protection from tick bites, particularly if you frequent a tick-infested area. Always wear long-sleeve clothing with full-length pants, complete with socks and shoes. This will cover every area of your body, leaving no part for ticks to stick onto. Ensure to wear light-colored clothing as it makes it easier for you to detect ticks. Always treat your clothes with permethrin before going out. It is a non-toxic chemical spray that is effective in killing ticks.

Always Use Bug Repellent: Before going out, make sure to use a bug repellent to cover your exposed skin. Look out for a product that has between 20% and 30% DEET, as they are most effective against ticks. Also take your pet to the vet, in order to get them on treatment for tick prevention.

Do A Thorough Check After Every Outing: After every outing, it is important to carry out a thorough check on your body. This will help you to spot any tick that you might have brought into the house. Take off your clothes and take a shower once you are in. Then check your body, making sure to use mirrors for areas like your back. Be sure to check behind your ears and under your arms. If you went out with your pet, check their body for the presence of ticks. After this, wash your clothes and tumble dry them for about 15 minutes.

Treat Your Yard: You can treat your yard for ticks, by clearing the tall vegetation around you. Keep all outdoor equipment in the sun, and keep your firewood in a dry area away from the house. Also, apply pesticides outside the home to kill all the ticks.



If you are dealing with tick infestation on your property, it is best to contact pest control near you.
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