Severe climate, severe temperatures and aging all lead to your roof’s wear and tear. A broken roof can lead to leakage; reduce the value of your home, or even crash. Regular checks will stop minor problems from becoming major ones and may prevent you from spending early in a new roof. Here are signs to know that your roof needs to be changed.

Damaged Shingles

The shingles are one of the things to look at. These are indications of impending roof repair or replacement if any are missing, broken, curling angles or edges, or appear to be dented or missing granules. You can likely have those shingles replaced relatively cheaply if you just spot a few tiny problems. However, a common issue may show that it is time for a new roof.

Clogged Gutters

If you notice granules, sludge, and shingle pieces inside the rain gutters when you clean them, this may be an indication that your roof is deteriorating. Most asphalt roofs break down, as they get old; the detritus is taken to the gutters where it gathers when it floods. Also, when you have a termite infestation in your roof, it may spell doom for the house, because termites are capable of ruining your property. One of the ways to get rid of termites from your property is to contact pest control for termites.

A Sign of Water Stains

When you notice water stains on the roof or running down interior walls, and water is dripping into your house; you need to call a professional to inspect and identify the reason behind it. It is essential especially when it is warm, humid air increases, and often condenses in the attic, particularly in the winter, where it can pool and leak through the roof. Check the cause of leaks when you see the first signs of watermarks. Although not always created by a roof issue, any leakage is a concern that wants to be addressed as soon as possible to reduce damage and costs.

Small Holes

You do not need a professional to tell you that it is not a good sign, because obviously, it is not. If you can see the light come in through your roof, so can the rain, cold air, and snow. Check for lights and find water stains as well. Watch them over a few rainfalls if you discover any, and if they turn shape or size, it implies you have a leaking roof. The extent of the damage depends on it, so call a professional. Small holes may be patched, but more significant leaks, structural damage, and the age factor may render replacing your roof earlier rather than later wise.

Shingles Curling

Shingles can curl in two forms; cupping occurs when the sides of the shingles bend upwards and clawing occurs, which is when the edges remain flat, and the center begins to rise. Both are indications of weathering and suggest that issues “possibly leaks” are relatively near to fruition, says Mark Graham, National Roofing Contractors Association, vice-chairman. It could be anywhere from a year to five years, depending on the amount of curling, before you need a new roof.

Algae and Moss Build-Up

If you stay in a region with lots of airborne algae, your roof may create unsightly dark streaks. If you deal with the problem early on, you can usually use a water/bleach solution to deal with these streaks. Likewise, if you are in a cool climate that is void of sunlight, you may find moss growth between each of your shingles. While moss does not tend to create an instant problem for your roof, excessive development could quickly displace shingles and age them.


Growth of mold or mildew on roof or walls could be a sign of leaky roof, the outcome of issues with condensation or even an easy problem with plumbing. Check that your insulation is dry and clean, that your house is adequately ventilated, that your bathroom fittings and plumbing lines do not leak or sweat. These things can be less expensive to correct than replacing a roof.

Besides creating ugly stains and suggesting possible damage to your roof, mold and mildew can adversely affect the quality of the house air and the safety of your family. Tackle the problem as quickly as necessary.

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