Tips for a Safer Drive in Canada

Living in Canada means covering long distances every day. Therefore, you have to ensure that the roads are safe. There are many ways which you can keep yourself safe on the road and the best is by abiding by the traffic rules. Whether you go for a short grocery trip or on a long journey there are some tips which if followed, can keep you safe.

Tips for Drive Safely:

Here are some of the driving tips that will help you to drive safely:

Take Your Car for Routine Car Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in good shape is the key to safe driving. If your car is well maintained, then the chances of having a breakdown on the highway reduces relatively. It is always wise to keep a thorough check on the condition of your tires. Tires are very important when it comes to safe driving because of their strong road grip you can avoid collisions. Therefore, it is advisable to always check your tires before starting on a long-distance journey. If you feel that your tire treads are wearing out you should get them changed immediately.

Keep Yourself Active and Fresh

Another important factor that most people ignore while driving is fatigue. In order to drive safely your mind and body should be fresh to keep you aware of your surroundings. Hence, it is wise to rest for some time if you feel fatigued while driving. Taking a power nap for 15 minutes is enough to refresh and restart your brain. While driving you should scan your surroundings every 20 to 30 seconds. However, you can only stay this vigilant if you’re active and fresh. Therefore, before going on a journey you must give your body proper rest.

Maintain A Safe Distance

Keeping a distance of a minimum of 3 seconds is essential for safe driving. In order to drive safely, a safety distance of 3 seconds is essential between cars. It takes 1.5 seconds for us to evaluate danger in front of us and the car takes 1.5 seconds to apply breaks and react. Therefore, always follow the 3 second rule if you want to avoid accidents. Maintaining a safe distance between two vehicles also helps in avoiding collision in case of applying sudden brakes. Hence, the more space there is between two vehicles the lesser the chances of an accident.

Always Follow the Speed Limit

Controlling your speed is very important if you want to avoid unnecessary accidents. Generally, the allowed speed limit in Canada is 110-120 km/h on highways and freeways. If you don’t follow these limits you can get a ticket and the chances of having an accident increases. However, if you ever get a ticket you can always engage the Vancouver driving offence lawyers.These lawyers are experts in issues related to traffic accidents.

Make Your Vehicle Visible

The basic cause behind the majority of accidents is invisibility. Therefore, we recommend that you should use some kind of fluorescent markings on your vehicle, which will make it visible at night. This way you can easily avoid getting hit in the dark. Also, avoid driving in the blind spots of other drivers because they won’t be able to see you.

We hope that by following these driving tips you will be able to travel safely with your family. For auto insurance visit Morison Insurance.

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